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  1. 1.Following lead, maybe at intervals fairly simple?
  2. 2.TV show where couples dance, preferring tango to waltz originally
  3. 3.Duck farmer initially seizes each person found stealing
  4. 4.Shock coverage of German gentleman broadcast, facing capture
  5. 5.Delays works inside cafe?
  6. 6.Rampant disease no menace to house plant
  7. 7.Court before long will restrict parking
  8. 8.Lying about time in posh hotel flusters nun terribly
  9. 9.Come after son, breaking sequence occasionally on reflection
  10. 10.Leaves survive when temperature is higher
  11. 11.Articulate and extremely capable, she perhaps is superior
  12. 12.Improper behaviour during last month over drink
  13. 13.Greeting bespectacled Pennsylvanian neighbour
  14. 14.Work by Ovid, poem some trash unusually
  15. 15.Free to sack the French solicitor
  16. 16.Upset old lady penning article is creating disbelief
  17. 17.Focus on procedure regularly aiming for improved accuracy
  18. 18.Stop doctors' adviser attending operation essentially
  19. 19.Drier patch of ground westwards we must occupy
  20. 20.Remains undressed for moment
  21. 21.Current unrest erupts, involving four becoming pushy
  22. 22.Moneymaking ability criminal admits with pained expression
  23. 23.Competition giving away celebrity books and pleasure trip
  24. 24.Load vehicle then depart
  25. 25.Bicycle, one that Elizabeth admired
  26. 26.Inscription on gift for Daisy, possibly electrical appliance?
  27. 27.Alternative options presented to soldiers in country
  28. 28.Help Rita briefly after mixing potion
  29. 29.Great quantity of spirit, with gallons discounted
  30. 30.When rioting her allies cause much trouble