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  1. 1.Most of land next to river is sparse
  2. 2.Attempted to reserve quiet hotel, after a little hesitation, and succeeded
  3. 3.Leave without scarf
  4. 4.Woman (or man) drinks vermouth for fun
  5. 5.Humourless manipulation accepted by ship's mates
  6. 6.View from the middle seems quite exciting
  7. 7.Graduates working for a famous lawyer
  8. 8.Two vehicles filled with a company of people
  9. 9.Force don to tour university
  10. 10.They're oddly compact in size for transport hubs
  11. 11.Extremely sinkable claret served up for a celebratory meal
  12. 12.Take legal steps to support one's children
  13. 13.Condemn nasty creep in court
  14. 14.Small marks covering single items of clothing
  15. 15.By initially trailing a politician, one tracks when events occur
  16. 16.Order employing sarcasm right away
  17. 17.Be bothered by rigid attitude
  18. 18.Moderate leader shed tear
  19. 19.Writer regularly sneers about writers
  20. 20.It's hard to see past this presenter's first great broadcast
  21. 21.Way to snub a rendezvous
  22. 22.Hollywood stars covet these huge SUVs?
  23. 23.Type of bread containing more moisture
  24. 24.Fruit and veg given to companion
  25. 25.Those queuing up to get hold of current flash American automobile
  26. 26.Flashy display from gutted sommeliers introducing house whites?
  27. 27.Taste using a plastic pipette
  28. 28.Dish mostly said to be rustic
  29. 29.Stay, mainly to case the back of gin joint
  30. 30.Come and hang out for Spanish food
  31. 31.Puddles of water around boat
  32. 32.Be rough in freaking out somebody close to you