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18-March-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Female, Type A
  2. 2.Taxi service housed by a grand European hotel
  3. 3.Excel is known to work
  4. 4.Spy acts oddly without information
  5. 5.Complete opportunity to disregard children, its said
  6. 6.Showing little humour, people often initially rejected weaker coffee
  7. 7.Cocktail is 50% neat rum or gin
  8. 8.Records of note provided by US tax officers
  9. 9.Class project supported by headteacher at the halfway point
  10. 10.No more money held by former heads of city trading
  11. 11.A number of people possibly sit and tend to shift about
  12. 12.Money saved up for foreign holiday property
  13. 13.Within two days, odd bits of ice have to subside
  14. 14.I book transportation first, then head out of Jamaica?
  15. 15.Where one might get a fine collection of records
  16. 16.Food set out on plate
  17. 17.Visit American relative at home
  18. 18.Fancy ring given to a king on retirement
  19. 19.Superhero name adopted by one Italian
  20. 20.Downbeat artists gripped by good southern country music
  21. 21.Shy person beginning to get, for the most part, really tense
  22. 22.Column missing front piece of Italian stucco?
  23. 23.Rioting is to come closer to Milton Keynes?
  24. 24.Clothing and drink reportedly coming from south-east Asia?
  25. 25.Poem of Frost broadcast on the radio
  26. 26.Cheap ornament is cool to hang
  27. 27.Much-revered thing a singer does on stage?
  28. 28.A great new place to study and somewhere to eat
  29. 29.Large, extremely hot section of Australias coastline
  30. 30.Willing daughter stops being open to possible change
  31. 31.Head of family put away small gifts
  32. 32.Was liable to miss the opening over