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17-March-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Massive of belly, having put away gallons
  2. 2.Island's bubbly jet-setter's heading for clubs
  3. 3.Theologian's important date with university filling in text
  4. 4.He gets on with neurology, principally, barrier broken
  5. 5.So long, some might say, learning regulatory lines?
  6. 6.Dancer's teammate curses leaders in early round
  7. 7.Raw cold food Oliver's presented not good
  8. 8.Career family evenly divided, in a strange way
  9. 9.Person covering trespasser getting fruit
  10. 10.Best bank, prioritising you, extremely remiss thereafter
  11. 11.Ordinary writing fluid creating noise from pen?
  12. 12.At intervals, Harlem loafer perhaps accepts US charity here?
  13. 13.One might have previous partner followed home
  14. 14.American going under leaves European region
  15. 15.More than one opening in Milan, the upmarket business soared
  16. 16.Lots of paper bags left department
  17. 17.Horror film stirring fears inside not for everyone
  18. 18.Some ripped off, returning to Graceland for merchandise?
  19. 19.Frankenstein tale -- huge money-spinner ultimately? Not for Shelley
  20. 20.Recalled in butcher's: large tender food items
  21. 21.Crossing road, hen's linked with riddle -- this type?
  22. 22.Prosecutors outside shed attire
  23. 23.Booming Shakespearean character pauses, taking centre stage
  24. 24.Painting as seen in half of arts magazine
  25. 25.Attending faculty, picked up bug
  26. 26.One's hailed old reserve team
  27. 27.Ancient character, head down, did rumba, possibly with subtle differences
  28. 28.New Airbus dealt with one missing safety feature on flight