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16-March-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Lady's initial charm lay in disposition of tears
  2. 2.What makes Vera stoop in US?
  3. 3.Inspire announcement of personal sorrow after student leaves
  4. 4.Turn by air, securing sources of reliable basic electric current? That's how I work
  5. 5.Evil couple, with only one in court regarding criminal behaviour
  6. 6.Something regurgitated about religious deity
  7. 7.Detective and prisoner accepting rubbish given by one delivering sentences?
  8. 8.Report learning about American Indian city
  9. 9.Conservative articles Liberal plugged for monstrous figure
  10. 10.Quick to have one replacing America's candour
  11. 11.Beginning to tremble after admitting small amount
  12. 12.Poor sci-fi, after editing? Dull
  13. 13.Airman's first to board smart chopper
  14. 14.One wouldn't need binoculars to see policemen around Yard receiving tips from criminal
  15. 15.Not too many people perhaps backing low force in control? Not quite
  16. 16.It's often made of yew or pine wood? Not entirely
  17. 17.Very well -- I start to admit -- after medical trips seen in selfies and posts?
  18. 18.Exclamation of surprise -- gin running short (Queen's favourite?)
  19. 19.The hard life sadly driving daughter away, to adopt a fringe practitioner
  20. 20.Difficulty with seventh lot of wine generating friction
  21. 21.Send packet in time, missing post's latest strike
  22. 22.Curtailed period without reason, without courage
  23. 23.Radiation pioneer finding iodine in salt
  24. 24.Claim Cu transmuted into another metal
  25. 25.Prepare to shoot back, but for being in drinking venue
  26. 26.Avoids predicament, heading away when rounding headland
  27. 27.Pivotal point not all complete -- bit brief?
  28. 28.Old African state in southern area -- or eastern area?