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15-March-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Embed spy to guard European royal family
  2. 2.Shift underworld masonic hall
  3. 3.Drunken camaraderie CIA banned? That's rum
  4. 4.Retired nurse Heather bandaging tail of hurt baby bird
  5. 5.Bishop falls over rejecting an ace deal
  6. 6.Partner of Perrins enters important meeting positively glowing
  7. 7.Last of Israeli pounds deposited in banks of Lebanese city
  8. 8.Instant food popular in Asia to follow starter in Thailand
  9. 9.Writer of volume on fine Highland town reels
  10. 10.Geordie's 24 hour Greek diet's introduced healthy meze dish
  11. 11.Upset setter -- sounded like setter possibly got set to set sail
  12. 12.Fix a few tennis games? According to Spooner it may be tipped
  13. 13.Tummy ache SRN treated with an infusion of hot plant
  14. 14.Entertained by palace, Lebedev is a VIP
  15. 15.Southern social worker installs revolting little statue, an alarming figure
  16. 16.Economise when restoring Sid's camper van
  17. 17.Sharp expresses dissatisfaction about being detained in A&E
  18. 18.Creakiest, faltering Dean?
  19. 19.Regularly send Obama cycling somewhere to get a bacon sarnie?
  20. 20.Bald in Swedish (or Norwegian)
  21. 21.Overrun serving up, say, a quiet lager?
  22. 22.Italian city upland's occasionally lacking eggs
  23. 23.In a cult, going mad. Quite mad
  24. 24.Wretched citizen leaving second university for America
  25. 25.Food, very easy to acquire when short of time, packed with energy
  26. 26.Turning up volume, wives undressed intending to stir passion
  27. 27.Farewell card at the end that is in gold envelope
  28. 28.Suggest Monsieur is welcomed into international fold