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  1. 1.Give life for one man in Nouvion revolutionary is sheltering
  2. 2.United eliminate medic that hurt back, creating problem filling vacancies
  3. 3.Food outlet is changing hands on a regular basis
  4. 4.This poets through to listeners
  5. 5.Fall -- but presumably not rise -- of young people
  6. 6.Spot oversight, arresting knight in seedy club
  7. 7.Earliest of talents, Little Princess, growing up?
  8. 8.Post-mortem examination for trial?
  9. 9.Clinicians letter included in editing of these chapters?
  10. 10.On charge, having cut the high wire
  11. 11.Carried over huge Asian island
  12. 12.Male dismissed after I see how big his charges are!
  13. 13.Another mans warmth?
  14. 14.Incredible female tiger is all for playing!
  15. 15.Go back over Charity Bar Day
  16. 16.With enthusiasm, display a half-time burger and pint?
  17. 17.For poetical work on reflection, an author here performs parts
  18. 18.Treacherous cunning Huffmans brainchild nearly kept up
  19. 19.Fellows from the East captivated by superb flower
  20. 20.Successfully getting away with plenty of dosh
  21. 21.Eat out in La Gavroche, and see whos inside?
  22. 22.Spare bit of paper to wrap small portions of chips up
  23. 23.Each one comprehending whats easy?
  24. 24.One takes time; he receives one fine
  25. 25.Celebration of love, perhaps, involving five couples most commonly
  26. 26.Mrs Capp joining Womens Movement
  27. 27.Bright flower, in short, giving pleasure
  28. 28.Make oceanic manoeuvre, most frequent in Ville de Quebec
  29. 29.Hypocritical fan getting splattered with sauce in Wetherspoon?