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The Telegraph - Toughie Crossword Answers -4-August-2020
The Telegraph - Toughie Crossword Answers -30-July-2020
The Telegraph - Toughie Crossword Answers -29-July-2020
  1. 1.Adore more travelling? Get away from here
  2. 2.Handy pottery, fifty on the shelf
  3. 3.You might enjoy this fresh in outskirts of Paignton?
  4. 4.Five shots of Absolut on ice with --
  5. 5.Theres trouble when this is left on travel
  6. 6.Features of many gardens: ditches
  7. 7.Snowy step perhaps is small and cold, children step on it first
  8. 8.Compose tritest forms of Italian fugues
  9. 9.Sculptor uses this American clobber disguising minute on Queen
  10. 10.Close trick tip involving old penny
  11. 11.Putins pad? Yes for him with ace central heating installed
  12. 12.China in place or out of place
  13. 13.Plant to restrain group of self-supporting dealers
  14. 14.Brawn from church in the course of outings
  15. 15.Lodging in hot wooded retreat
  16. 16.Back having more grass when housing northern animal
  17. 17.Hes in the dock to wear down old soldiers preposterously
  18. 18.Absurdly busy judge initially dismissed law student for digital pro?
  19. 19.Hackney and a Liberal council causing intrigue
  20. 20.Thus see in action monster-slaying hero
  21. 21.First from Telegraph with question for Labour
  22. 22.The cutting edge of food processing
  23. 23.E.g. a claret I decanted
  24. 24.Second story is insipid
  25. 25.Commandeer a good egg, a publicity-seeker
  26. 26.Scout learning under former leader of pack
  27. 27.Classic drama repeats showing an impossibility
  28. 28.Private bar
  29. 29.Camp champion consuming large bit of snail, say
  30. 30.Oblique poetry on coaches ones forgotten
  31. 31.Bank in contact with peer
  32. 32.Junk clocks coming from the east

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