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The Telegraph General Knowledge Crossword Answers -14-January-2019
The Telegraph General Knowledge Crossword Answers -14-February-2016
The Telegraph General Knowledge Crossword Answers -1-May-2016
  1. 1.-- riche, person who has recently acquired wealth
  2. 2.Language closely related to Croatian
  3. 3.Instrument for examining the external ear
  4. 4.Identification written with one?¿½s own hand
  5. 5.Town west of John OGroats
  6. 6.Dislodge from a powerful position
  7. 7.Starch can be obtained from part of this West Indian plant
  8. 8.Deviation from the rule
  9. 9.Small Central and South American monkey
  10. 10.Calm, not touched by emotion
  11. 11.Rock or mineral from which a hard magnetic metal can be extracted
  12. 12.2000 period epic film starring Russell Crowe
  13. 13.Period when one is exposing ones body to tan the skin
  14. 14.1970 music documentary film starring Joan Baez and many others
  15. 15.Level crossing signal with a pendulum-like motion
  16. 16.-- blue, strong-tasting cheese
  17. 17.Jean --, French dramatist, author of Phedre
  18. 18.Idle wasting of time
  19. 19.Word of opposite meaning
  20. 20.Having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others
  21. 21.Thor --, 1914-2002, Norwegian anthropologist
  22. 22.Disclaim responsibility
  23. 23.St Thomas --, 1225-74, Italian theologian
  24. 24.Cornhusker State, capital Lincoln
  25. 25.Siren of the Rhine
  26. 26.Beef from the chest
  27. 27.Richard --, Northern Ireland National Hunt jockey
  28. 28.1987 science-fiction thriller film
  29. 29.One of Daniels companions miraculously saved in the fiery furnace

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