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30-July-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Norfolk town deserved to be heard and recognised
  2. 2.A feature of Hampton Court intended, we hear, to create perplexity
  3. 3.Member of community providing money to save team
  4. 4.Man created by cartoonist doing a semi-flip
  5. 5.Writer using a selection of nibs enthusiastically
  6. 6.Investor being excellent is beginning to thrive
  7. 7.Speech to musical background -- I had to be quick
  8. 8.How IT works -- no longer understand it, mate?
  9. 9.Record companies in East or West locations?
  10. 10.Exercise on street to get troublemaker
  11. 11.One gets to slide during sleep? Its most hazardous
  12. 12.Bikers gear abandoned in a shelter
  13. 13.Old city vehicle taking hours, long time
  14. 14.Band in rush
  15. 15.Old city Id help to rebuild
  16. 16.A hundred security devices -- tickers?
  17. 17.Most gossipy and most spiteful about husband
  18. 18.Material comes adrift around big person
  19. 19.Leaders of good old dramatic society given top position in theatre
  20. 20.Travelling regularly -- going by air, making a new start
  21. 21.Inspired new crew refitted device on vehicles surface
  22. 22.Record spell of good fortune securing a very small sporting trophy
  23. 23.Family around start of evening eats plants
  24. 24.Recognition of sporting achievement presented by English head
  25. 25.Computer chum set up, prime requirement for tackling work
  26. 26.Old lord, say, in story
  27. 27.Become less believable with victory involving something dirty
  28. 28.Old city is favourite with artist
  29. 29.A new wife in a state that doesnt bespeak peace?