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  1. 1.Firm defends working this evening
  2. 2.Barking dogs alert experienced person
  3. 3.Emotional artist having retired stops playing flute
  4. 4.State this writer's producing something explosive
  5. 5.Dull answer by politician study must include
  6. 6.Showing little thought to spit out hard pasty
  7. 7.Daughter goes on Naked Attraction
  8. 8.Revolutionary, greeting regularly that year foreign cleric
  9. 9.Constant advantage getting close to celebrity
  10. 10.Maybe police trainee acted stupidly
  11. 11.Chose quiet time to probe dictionary
  12. 12.Invent lies I've decided to keep up
  13. 13.Central London area, extremely fashionable almost
  14. 14.Harry perhaps using title to attract sympathy initially
  15. 15.Boss promises to pay academic
  16. 16.Fly Mike over small South American capital
  17. 17.Begin eating, adding occasionally one starter from Nando's
  18. 18.Feature of Bond films somehow tagged 'really vacuous
  19. 19.Weather condition overlooked reportedly
  20. 20.Dumb waiter possibly shot in the arm
  21. 21.Side with expert on board?
  22. 22.Definitely not succeeded limiting bill at the moment
  23. 23.Rock singer guzzling at intervals plain white wine
  24. 24.Creature with young heading away enthrals everyone
  25. 25.Others not so much on edge
  26. 26.Company uniform
  27. 27.London borough cannot remodel houses being erected
  28. 28.Childish supporter wears trendy hat
  29. 29.In darkness one circles lake
  30. 30.Capital at that time invested in cash essentially
  31. 31.Friend describes a nameless Roman Catholic as grand
  32. 32.Bird about to enter trees roughly behind conifer