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20-March-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Variety of pear detailed in illustrated magazine
  2. 2.Drain cash fund to obtain electric vehicle
  3. 3.Substitutes Greek character blocking second pass back
  4. 4.Deny purpose of attending auction?
  5. 5.Shop of fine appearance? Not half
  6. 6.Cutting temperatures toughens tree out in conservatory
  7. 7.Novel is one well-known to each of us
  8. 8.Compete over news article that generates capital
  9. 9.Natural talent is something easily understood
  10. 10.BBC loses case most originally see as inopportune
  11. 11.Ineffectiveness of fine against public service
  12. 12.At home, slip by artist in shower
  13. 13.Graduate taking the plunge?
  14. 14.Foolishly Dominicans beginning to ignore suffering from sleeplessness
  15. 15.Womans complaint when mother leaves
  16. 16.Exposed area always reflected light source
  17. 17.Time of year car park is regularly close to full
  18. 18.Dessert following starter of scallops
  19. 19.Spendthrift pair with gold becoming spoilt
  20. 20.Defeated player looks teary from time to time
  21. 21.Refuse to accept former company representative having authority
  22. 22.Condense mostly impressive book describing centre of Bratislava
  23. 23.Noble actor is about to get into painting
  24. 24.Boyfriend joins family across capital, ultimately to see Olympic Torch?
  25. 25.Instinctive swimming rivals, extremely competitive at heart
  26. 26.Attractive individual getting hot for large rugby player
  27. 27.Guaranteed essentially filling food from part of Scandinavia
  28. 28.Gathered embarrassment visiting island upset daughter
  29. 29.Film failed to be broadcast