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15-November-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Poorly ran start of marathon -- is fellow past it?
  2. 2.Arithmetical procedure to divide by 50 is confusing
  3. 3.Page Finn spoilt, leaving a bit of a mark
  4. 4.A long letter
  5. 5.Large plain green site for development
  6. 6.How amazing old figure turned up royal accoutrement
  7. 7.What rot Sky is televising about an anticapitalist!
  8. 8.Good golfer might achieve this score
  9. 9.Tom, say, ingests hydrogen gas
  10. 10.Frame of silent film's showing what cowboy may wear
  11. 11.Think chaps in Aldershot's outskirts stop car rides here
  12. 12.Cyril swapping tips for a kind of poetry
  13. 13.Son and daughter cuddling brown bear
  14. 14.Clay beneath motorway in African country
  15. 15.Shots of wedges of fried potatoes
  16. 16.Awfully rich person wanting child, a source of Tweets?
  17. 17.Player inspiring woe thrashed at Reading
  18. 18.Agreeing with mafia boss about racket getting grand
  19. 19.More dangerous run by one person going downhill
  20. 20.Idiot has look around for way to get hold of stock
  21. 21.Work briefly with pins and needles in attractive fashion
  22. 22.Hound old lady with this same, oddly opinionated attitude
  23. 23.Unlikely result, winning part of match
  24. 24.Give makeover to Republican Party, filled with energy
  25. 25.Time to board a ship -- get revised fare from Palermo?
  26. 26.Dropping somewhat ambitious catch
  27. 27.Temperature in clear soup wrong, one supposes
  28. 28.Clumsy manner of speaking about papers lying
  29. 29.Signal before party one shouldn't get potted
  30. 30.Books in French, with jokes about English