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The Telegraph - Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-March-2024
The Telegraph - Cryptic Crossword Answers -21-March-2024
The Telegraph - Cryptic Crossword Answers -20-March-2024
  1. 1.Perhaps roses for Yuppies
  2. 2.Opes 'is 'at, regularly lost, is over 'ere!
  3. 3.Noisy Brexiteers in bars
  4. 4.With no introduction, pop medley awkwardly taken on
  5. 5.Maybe Susie is close to vet, one treating canine?
  6. 6.Was too late in the auditorium for film
  7. 7.Halt manuscript's extract for film director
  8. 8.Terpsichorean cared about entertaining knight
  9. 9.Friend saving fine Rhode Island ruin
  10. 10.Speech in late summer kept back by actress Jessica
  11. 11.Former news chief eating sweet, fulfilled
  12. 12.Roundabout in Petersham bad for air?
  13. 13.Evil pals concocted something to ward off the chaps
  14. 14.Raised first of readings on sin
  15. 15.Checked cotton fabric cut up
  16. 16.Property in spacious car
  17. 17.Boor not here to support Liberal
  18. 18.One pauper leaving Portugal, possibly Spanish?
  19. 19.Writer experienced US jail
  20. 20.Nerves? Lie and relax, briefly
  21. 21.Watch Sky for this item that follows the news
  22. 22.Less demanding because I learn periodically
  23. 23.Transpose final couplet in Shakespeare sonnet?
  24. 24.Great hotel breaks, everything included
  25. 25.Still lacking proposal at the AGM?
  26. 26.Four Across done first of all? Fancy!
  27. 27.Son beginning to like wearing glasses in capital
  28. 28.Eye police officer quietly ejecting student
  29. 29.Rise of Rocky character is nonsense, looking back
  30. 30.Crime that I cracked? It's not all adding up
  31. 31.Protective wear over trousers for those holding post
  32. 32.Calm ostrich? Not quite ... not quite

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