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  1. 1.Appraise or gauge
  2. 2.Group eating right meal
  3. 3.Sin or stray
  4. 4.American away from home: tend soil
  5. 5.Son, Rob, too confident
  6. 6.Haul up
  7. 7.City in siege no Acre
  8. 8.Boneless meat cut
  9. 9.Hard hearts coming round for boring tasks
  10. 10.Support for member funny they say
  11. 11.Late morning repast
  12. 12.Son caught short?
  13. 13.Lobster pot
  14. 14.A1 hotel ruined: rising river breaks in
  15. 15.Self-satisfied
  16. 16.Newspaper: Echo?
  17. 17.River boat
  18. 18.Group one in commercial dropped
  19. 19.Onerous duties
  20. 20.Stylish welcome given in cricket club
  21. 21.Nut variety
  22. 22.Pirate in crude song broadcast
  23. 23.Open sore
  24. 24.Bandaged
  25. 25.Annoy Irishman endlessly
  26. 26.Reflective surface
  27. 27.Drama with restriction on bad actor
  28. 28.Deserted
  29. 29.Elegant
  30. 30.Interview spectators
  31. 31.Privateer
  32. 32.Caterer emptied fish and lobster basket
  33. 33.Vex or irritate
  34. 34.Saint in shortage made home
  35. 35.Cooking vessel? Yes and no!
  36. 36.Gardening tool
  37. 37.Small village
  38. 38.Cricketer needs time after Aussie bouncer
  39. 39.Haiti cops dressed in pale green
  40. 40.Listeners
  41. 41.Take EC pact badly
  42. 42.Seaport in Liguria
  43. 43.Stomach problem terribly cruel
  44. 44.Like Matryoshka dolls
  45. 45.Assess girl university brought in recently
  46. 46.Arm bone
  47. 47.Slip! Republican's in East River!
  48. 48.Origin
  49. 49.Excellent
  50. 50.Is trapped in burning lift
  51. 51.Acknowledge
  52. 52.Look in skip to find sliced veal

About The Sun Crossword:

The Sun is one of the most popular dailies of Britain. The most interesting feature about it, though, are the one of its kind crossword puzzles, popularly known as The Sun Crosswords. The Sun Crossword puzzles have different difficulty levels, each designed for users with different vocabulary power. The crossword puzzle are not just fun to solve, but it’s a thrilling experience to check the sun crossword answers today with your answers for the clues. On the online platform, crossword lovers can solve crossword puzzles according to their likes. The Sun Crossword Puzzles have 6 different types of puzzles, all of them more exciting than the other.

Mini Crosswords: The Sun crossword answers for the clues are to be filled in at the bottom on the screen. For revealing the clues, either the squares can be tapped or the left-right arrows can be used. For viewing the clues in a list form, tap the ‘List’ button. To check whether it’s right, ‘Check’ button can be used.

Cell Blocks: This interesting puzzle is all about creating blocks with the correct number of cells on the grid. For making a block, one finger has to be placed on a cell and slid to select. For undoing in case of a mistake, just tap. Remember, blocks need to be either rectangles or squares. Once all the blocks fit, you have finished.

Word Search: For this one, all the words listed in the grid are to be found. For selecting them, a finger needs to be dragged right from the word’s first letter till the last.

2-Speed Crosswords: The Sun two speed crosswords are a collection of some unique puzzles.

There are 160 puzzles, all of which have both cryptic and quick style of clues, making it a great workout for the brains. The Sun two speed crossword answers are like an adrenaline booster for everyone who solves them.

The most interesting thing about the clues is the fact that the quick ones and the cryptic ones both lead to the same answer. This means that one can take their sweet time to reach there, or finish off quickly while grabbing their morning coffee on their way to work. What’s more, they don’t necessarily rely on some topical knowledge. The top has tabs for types of clues which can be easily flicked from one to another. In case of doubt, you can always use the pencil button so as to get back to it later by using another button – the zoom button. For viewing the clues in a list form, tap the ‘List’ button. To check whether it’s right, ‘Check’ button can be used. Once done, one can go back to the top menu and return to the edition.

Sundial: For this one, there is one central letter and that letter has to be used in all the words. Make the maximum number of words using that central letter. The rules are simple – minimum four letter words have to be made, no plurals or proper nouns allowed, and all the words are from Collins Concise Dictionary. For checking the progress, click the ‘Progress’ button. Quick tip – double tap the last letter and quickly enter a word.

Word Slide: Here, the letters need to be slid back to the grid for creating a complete crossword. They can also be slid over one another only if they stay in the original column or row. Hit ‘Check’ to check the progress.

Additionally, The Sun also publishes a Jumbo crossword every Saturday for all their solvers. The crossword is based on basic general knowledge and is called the Quizword. The puzzle is like a quiz that includes questions that are twisted and converted into clues. The questions in a quizword are mainly related to geography, current affairs, history, television, sports, music, radio, etc. Also, the publication house is available online and can be easily accessed by all The Sun crossword solvers, using their smartphones, laptops, or iPads!

About The Author: The crosswords published on The Sun are created by freelance crossword constructors from across the world.

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