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  1. 1.Inception
  2. 2.Name shared by four Holy Roman Emperors
  3. 3.Opportunity to start anew
  4. 4.Shape of a Bacillus bacterium
  5. 5."___ I Die” (Beach Boys song)
  6. 6.Sky light
  7. 7.Group of friends
  8. 8."The False Mirror” painter Magritte
  9. 9.Show tunes?
  10. 10."No argument here”
  11. 11.Unagi, e.g.
  12. 12.Reinforce
  13. 13.Courtroom entry
  14. 14.Out of costume?
  15. 15."Paradise Lost” setting
  16. 16.Core ___ (defining skill)
  17. 17.Pool shark
  18. 18.Soft and mild
  19. 19.It shows how far you've come
  20. 20.I.D. carried in Hollywood
  21. 21.Do something
  22. 22.Gamers' purchases
  23. 23.Bandmate of Townshend, Entwistle, and Moon
  24. 24.Moving along quickly
  25. 25.Hunger (for)
  26. 26.Tried to win
  27. 27."20/20” co-anchor Roberts
  28. 28.Under the weather and then some
  29. 29.In imperfect condition
  30. 30.No longer around
  31. 31.Nothing to write home about
  32. 32.Macintosh laptop launched in 1991
  33. 33.Vincent ___ (John Travolta's "Pulp Fiction” role)
  34. 34.Butter alternative
  35. 35.Do exactly as one is told
  36. 36.Withdrawal from a cajero, perhaps
  37. 37.Cheated
  38. 38.Discount chain on the Fortune 500
  39. 39.Shadowy figure?
  40. 40.Comprehends
  41. 41.Some road-trip entertainment
  42. 42.Science-class twosome
  43. 43.Law used to indict the financier Michael Milken, briefly
  44. 44.Dwarf planet with the moon Dysnomia
  45. 45.Wore the crown
  46. 46.Complete snafu
  47. 47.Sleeper agent
  48. 48.Fast car
  49. 49.Like amber beers
  50. 50.Imitate
  51. 51.Lacking detail
  52. 52.1971 tearjerker based on the lives of two Chicago Bears teammates
  53. 53.Loose
  54. 54.Cause
  55. 55."Lost ___ is never found again”: Benjamin Franklin
  56. 56.Mattel game related to Double Solitaire
  57. 57.Big name in A.T.M.s
  58. 58.Veg out
  59. 59.Growth in one's field
  60. 60.In perfect condition
  61. 61.Company with a "Venture Across America” image campaign
  62. 62.Affirmatives
  63. 63.Unseat
  64. 64.Kindergarten set
  65. 65.Not candid
  66. 66.Scholarship consideration
  67. 67.Mentions
  68. 68.Bring together

About The New Yorker Crossword

The New Yorker was established in 1926 as a lighthearted comic magazine centered on Manhattan. One of its many amusing departments is the Puzzles and game Dept. which features the very popular The New Yorker Crossword. The New Yorker is available in both print and digital forms. Signing up for the digital subscriptions allows an access to every The New Yorker issue from its inception in 1926 till now.

Solving The New Yorker Crossword

The New Yorker Crosswords are published at 6am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a decreasing level of difficulty. Every Sunday 6am, Cryptic Crosswords are published. For getting correct The New Yorker Crossword answers, a clue is to be selected from the square or the list in the grid. Once entered, the clue will turn gray. You can easily use shortcuts in your keyboard for navigation of the puzzles in a desktop – arrow keys for moving the cursor, Shift plus enter for going back to the earlier clue and tab or enter for skipping to next clue. For switching between down and across clues, use space bar. If you’re using a phone, once the word has been entered, the cursor will move on to the next word in the same direction. For switching directions, double tap the grid or tap the blue clue bar. You can get a print of the grids or the solution by clicking the button on the top right corner.

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If you’re having a bad day and just feel like starting the puzzle all over, just reset. This will clear the whole grid and the timer will be at 0 again. If there’s any difficulty viewing the clues, the browser window should be expanded or the zoom percentage can be adjusted.

The New Yorker Crossword Partner Mode

The Partner mode is an interesting feature that lets you solve a crossword with a partner. One user can add just one partner for solving a crossword. To know if your partner accepts the invitation, just keep a look on the options above grid. They’ll change. Once you start playing together, you will be able to see ‘Partner Active’ on the desktop. To take a break while solving with a partner, just make sure that the crossword link has been shared. In case you use the app, just clicking on the ‘Partner Mode’ will take you back to where you left it. Solving The New Yorker Crossword answers won’t add up any extra time.

The New Yorker Crossword Authors

Ten constructors work for The New Yorker Crosswords – Kameron Austin Collins, Anna Shechtman, Wyna Liu, Erik Agard, Aimee Lucido, Robyn Weintraub, Natan Last, Patrick Berry, Caitlin Reid, and Elizabeth C. Gorski. All the crosswords are edited by the editor – Liz Maynes-Aminzade along with Nicholas Henriquez. The copy editing and fact checking is doing by the other staff members.


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