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  1. 1.After restitution
  2. 2.Style for a special occasion
  3. 3.Fire (up)
  4. 4.Seriously out of order
  5. 5.Spanish pronoun
  6. 6.Spanish pronoun
  7. 7.___ trial
  8. 8.Survival aid on "Survivor,” sometimes
  9. 9.Mechanically copy
  10. 10.Child of Homer
  11. 11.Shopping site without pop-up ads
  12. 12.Tethering rope
  13. 13.Lee who directed "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk”
  14. 14.Harlem Renaissance artist Douglas
  15. 15.Olympian generally disliked by his peers
  16. 16.Fresh
  17. 17.Hold back
  18. 18."The Wind in the Willows” character with a "broad glistening muzzle”
  19. 19.Highly irregular
  20. 20.Puts a stop to
  21. 21.Certain digital application
  22. 22.Don't blow it!
  23. 23.Lines in a story
  24. 24.Help on the job?
  25. 25."It's Been a Minute” airer
  26. 26.Family nickname
  27. 27.Delight
  28. 28.Knight of Nike
  29. 29.Result of a good pitch
  30. 30.Piece of the pie
  31. 31.At rest
  32. 32.Term of endearment
  33. 33.Word with cross or through
  34. 34.Diamond cutting records since the sixties
  35. 35.Gets behind
  36. 36.It's sedimentary, my dear
  37. 37.Corn-husk contents, perhaps
  38. 38.Home for a mouse, often
  39. 39.Digs on and off, maybe
  40. 40.Instrument with hammers
  41. 41.Weed, for instance
  42. 42.Go out at night
  43. 43.Equipment for some games
  44. 44.No superhero
  45. 45."Huzzah!”
  46. 46.Honors, in a way
  47. 47.Debriefs?
  48. 48.Plastic cap?
  49. 49.Needs some air, perhaps
  50. 50.Low-end accessory?
  51. 51.Option for buying vintage
  52. 52.First name in quantum physics
  53. 53.Easy target
  54. 54.Start of the last century?
  55. 55.Yield
  56. 56.Anchor's position
  57. 57.Don't leave wanting
  58. 58.Chow ___
  59. 59."My Heart at ___ Sweet Voice” (Saint-Saëns aria)
  60. 60.Notes on Mt. Fuji, say
  61. 61.Subject of the bygone "plum pudding” model
  62. 62.Sanskrit for "thread”
  63. 63.Of lower rank
  64. 64.Misled
  65. 65.CODA part
  66. 66.Wedding-arrangement pros
  67. 67.Personification of the rainbow, in Greek mythology
  68. 68.Nook, but not cranny
  69. 69.Archaic address
  70. 70.Dance related to son Cubano
  71. 71.Holiday purchase that's often a ripoff
  72. 72.Press forward

About The New Yorker Crossword

The New Yorker was established in 1926 as a lighthearted comic magazine centered on Manhattan. One of its many amusing departments is the Puzzles and game Dept. which features the very popular The New Yorker Crossword. The New Yorker is available in both print and digital forms. Signing up for the digital subscriptions allows an access to every The New Yorker issue from its inception in 1926 till now.

Solving The New Yorker Crossword

The New Yorker Crosswords are published at 6am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a decreasing level of difficulty. Every Sunday 6am, Cryptic Crosswords are published. For getting correct The New Yorker Crossword answers, a clue is to be selected from the square or the list in the grid. Once entered, the clue will turn gray. You can easily use shortcuts in your keyboard for navigation of the puzzles in a desktop – arrow keys for moving the cursor, Shift plus enter for going back to the earlier clue and tab or enter for skipping to next clue. For switching between down and across clues, use space bar. If you’re using a phone, once the word has been entered, the cursor will move on to the next word in the same direction. For switching directions, double tap the grid or tap the blue clue bar. You can get a print of the grids or the solution by clicking the button on the top right corner.

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The New Yorker Crossword Authors

Ten constructors work for The New Yorker Crosswords – Kameron Austin Collins, Anna Shechtman, Wyna Liu, Erik Agard, Aimee Lucido, Robyn Weintraub, Natan Last, Patrick Berry, Caitlin Reid, and Elizabeth C. Gorski. All the crosswords are edited by the editor – Liz Maynes-Aminzade along with Nicholas Henriquez. The copy editing and fact checking is doing by the other staff members.


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