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The New Yorker Crossword Answers -26-November-2018
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The New Yorker Crossword Answers -12-November-2018
  1. 1.Daughter of Nut and Geb
  2. 2.Sombreros have them
  3. 3.More ignoble
  4. 4.Where one might find crocheted toilet-paper-roll covers
  5. 5.A ___ Wine (Philip Glass song)
  6. 6.Container of eggs
  7. 7.Roast host, usually
  8. 8.Vivacity, to Mozart
  9. 9.Like Seattle vis-à-vis Phoenix
  10. 10.Claim
  11. 11.Rapidly
  12. 12.Type of note
  13. 13.Keith Harings Crack is Wack mural, e.g
  14. 14.Carraways neighbor
  15. 15.Prefix with dermal or scope
  16. 16.Query from a perfect house guest
  17. 17.Trash-can site
  18. 18.Hatcher on set
  19. 19.Boxers attire?
  20. 20.Pharynx neighbor
  21. 21.They get depressed a lot in the fast lane
  22. 22.Frequent Meet the Press guest
  23. 23.Paul Giamattis alma mater
  24. 24.Bombard with e-mails
  25. 25.Take a peek (at)
  26. 26.Food writer/TV cook Lawson, a.k.a. Queen of Food Porn
  27. 27.Org. that subpoenaed Arthur Miller
  28. 28.___ on (persisted)
  29. 29.___ Psyche (John Keats)
  30. 30.Steamy
  31. 31.Filtered beverage
  32. 32.One whos channelling his inner Don Draper
  33. 33.You might use one on Safari
  34. 34.Man and Superman monogram
  35. 35.Discombobulated
  36. 36.Sondheims barber
  37. 37.Motivated leader?
  38. 38.Worker on a farm
  39. 39.Doctor Strange prop
  40. 40.Creator of The Smurfs
  41. 41.Selling very well
  42. 42.Meet-up for fans of Caesar dressing?
  43. 43.Western tribe
  44. 44.Colonels commands
  45. 45.Release
  46. 46.Vacant
  47. 47.Leonard known as the Dickens of Detroit
  48. 48.Casual very soon
  49. 49.Quod ___ faciendum
  50. 50.Trunk projection
  51. 51.He wrote Respect, Arethas signature song
  52. 52.Bungle
  53. 53.Pierced body part
  54. 54.Provide new inhabitants for
  55. 55.Time on end
  56. 56.Green Day drummer ___ Cool
  57. 57.Peau de soie feature
  58. 58.Booker T.s bandmates
  59. 59.Take the loss, slangily
  60. 60.Former employer of Steve Jobs
  61. 61.Paella de marisco ingredient
  62. 62.Alderaan royal
  63. 63.Swelled heads
  64. 64.Five books of Moses
  65. 65.Order of bricks
  66. 66.___ of Truth (Wonder Womans weapon)
  67. 67.Point taken ...
  68. 68.Stag
  69. 69.Exist
  70. 70.Nose wrinkler
  71. 71.Yankee Stadium section
  72. 72.Macho Camacho, formally

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Ten constructors work for The New Yorker Crosswords – Kameron Austin Collins, Anna Shechtman, Wyna Liu, Erik Agard, Aimee Lucido, Robyn Weintraub, Natan Last, Patrick Berry, Caitlin Reid, and Elizabeth C. Gorski. All the crosswords are edited by the editor – Liz Maynes-Aminzade along with Nicholas Henriquez. The copy editing and fact checking is doing by the other staff members.


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