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  1. 1.Horse that won the 2000 Guineas, Derby, Eclipse Stakes and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes in 1989
  2. 2.A cultivated variety of cabbage also called turnip cabbage
  3. 3.A 1993 collection of short stories by William Sleator
  4. 4.Nicolas ___, President of France from 2007 to 2012
  5. 5.Caravaggio painting in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  6. 6.John Denver's second US number one single
  7. 7.1965 comedy Western starring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin
  8. 8.Play by Thornton Wilder set in the fictional community of Grover's Corners
  9. 9.Bumps on a ski slope used for freestyle skiing competitions
  10. 10.A mixed drink that doesn't contain alcohol
  11. 11.A rhythmic group of eight lines of verse
  12. 12.BBC Radio 4 programme presented by Ned Sherrin from 1998 to 2006
  13. 13.A port and resort in Emilia-Romagna on Italy's Adriatic coast
  14. 14.Mountainous Italian island that was Napoleon Bonaparte's first place of exile
  15. 15.The capital of the United Kingdom
  16. 16.King of Mycenae who led the Greeks at the siege of Troy
  17. 17.The second largest city in the United States
  18. 18.The innermost of Jupiter's known moons
  19. 19.The capital of the state of Bavaria, on the Isar River
  20. 20.Small constellation containing the star Vega
  21. 21.The capital of Japan
  22. 22.Horse that won the Derby, the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes and the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe in 1995
  23. 23.The capital of Nova Scotia
  24. 24.The second most populous state in India after Uttar Pradesh
  25. 25.Rugby union players that traditionally wear 9 and 10
  26. 26.City in San Diego County, California, nicknamed "The Big Box"
  27. 27.The capital of Nigeria
  28. 28.Insectivorous songbird of the family Dicruridae, of the Old World tropics
  29. 29.The capital of China
  30. 30.The anhydrous commercial form of sodium carbonate
  31. 31.Coastal town in Norfolk at the mouth of the River Yare
  32. 32.The capital of France
  33. 33.The capital of Germany
  34. 34.Insect whose larva is often called a "doodlebug" in North America
  35. 35.The principal port city of Syria
  36. 36.A young unfledged bird, especially a pigeon
  37. 37.The outer and thinner of the two bones between the knee and ankle of the leg
  38. 38.Brightest star in the constellation Cygnus
  39. 39.A senior Byzantine court title that was bestowed on the sons or sons-in-law of reigning emperors
  40. 40.The capital of Mali
  41. 41.1923 novel by D H Lawrence set in Australia
  42. 42.Woody Allen film for which Diane Keaton won a Best Actress Oscar
  43. 43.The capital of Ghana
  44. 44.In Greek mythology, a Thessalian king punished by Zeus for his love of Hera by being bound to a perpetually-revolving wheel
  45. 45.The chief port of Spain
  46. 46.A cattle-rearing people of southern Africa, living chiefly in South Africa
  47. 47.1967 Top Ten hit single for Manfred Mann
  48. 48.Part of the body whose technical name is the pollex
  49. 49.Mike Leigh play that opened at the Hampstead Theatre in April 1977
  50. 50.Play by Harold Brighouse set in Salford in 1880
  51. 51.A member of a South American Indian people whose empire centred on Peru
  52. 52.The practice of joining a political party with the intention of changing its principles and policies
  53. 53.The large wedge-shaped bone, consisting of five fused vertebrae, in the lower part of the back
  54. 54.Another name for a pluviometer
  55. 55.1952 play by Arthur Miller about the Salem witch trials
  56. 56.Willie ___, snooker player who was nicknamed "Mr Maximum"
  57. 57.1945 short story by J D Salinger whose eponymous heroine lives in the Bronx