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  1. 1.Preparation of tarred fibre used in shipbuilding for caulking
  2. 2.An early form of sonar used to detect enemy submarines
  3. 3.Minister for International Defence and Security from 2008 to 2010
  4. 4.South African golfer who won the US Open in 2001 and 2004
  5. 5.Town in Greater Manchester on the River Irwell that is the birthplace of Sir Robert Peel
  6. 6.Felix ___, English actor who was President of Equity from 1950 to 1969
  7. 7.Another name for the E region of the ionosphere
  8. 8.Of flour, bread, etc, made from the entire wheat kernel
  9. 9.High-speed railway service connecting London with Paris and Brussels
  10. 10.1980 ballad by Air Supply that reached number 2 in the US and number 11 in the UK
  11. 11.Body part to which the adjective brachial relates
  12. 12.A pole with a prong or hook attached for landing large fish
  13. 13.Stanley ___, stage name of the English comic actor born Arthur Stanley Jefferson
  14. 14.1990 film directed by Michael Caton-Jones that was the film debut of Harry Connick Jr
  15. 15.Song from "33 Down" that is the best-selling single of all time, with estimated sales in excess of 50 million copies worldwide
  16. 16.Town in NW Italy famous for its sparkling wine
  17. 17.Radio programme that has provided ball-by-ball coverage of cricket since 1957
  18. 18.Oxfordshire village that was the site of the last flash lock on the River Thames
  19. 19.The oldest higher education institution in the English-speaking world
  20. 20.Branch of the British Army that undertakes the building of fortifications, mines, bridges, etc
  21. 21.Rod used in playing snooker, billiards, etc
  22. 22.In Greek mythology, a centaur killed during a battle with Heracles by a poisoned arrow that passed through his arm and continued to wound Chiron in the knee
  23. 23.A valved brass instrument of bass pitch
  24. 24.Creighton Williams ___ Jr, general after whom the US Army named its new main battle tank in 1980
  25. 25.Norwegian town that hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics
  26. 26.Irish composer born John Reidy in Cork in 1931
  27. 27.Former Surrey and England cricketer who played exactly 100 Test matches
  28. 28.Bond villain played by Joseph Wiseman in a 1962 film
  29. 29.Inflammation of a sebaceous gland of the eyelid
  30. 30.The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  31. 31.1966 film starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers, based on a book of the same name by Joy Adamson
  32. 32.2015 sequel to the Rocky film series, starring Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and Tony Bellew
  33. 33.Abraham's first son who, according to to the account in Genesis, died at the age of 137
  34. 34.Style of printer's typeface in which the characters have no small lines at the extremities of the main strokes
  35. 35.1942 musical film starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire with music by Irving Berlin
  36. 36.US Triple Crown winning horse ridden by Steve Cauthen
  37. 37.A winning point for a perfectly executed technique in judo
  38. 38.The ciliated free-swimming larva of hydrozoan coelenterates such as the hydra
  39. 39.The northern lights
  40. 40.George ___, American painter often called "the father of American landscape painting"
  41. 41.Mineral with a radiating form sometimes referred to as Bologna stone
  42. 42.The immature fruit of a cucumber, used for pickling
  43. 43.A written acknowledgment that payment or delivery has been made
  44. 44.Former name for Zimbabwe
  45. 45.The part of a horse's foot between the fetlock and the hoof
  46. 46.Italian herbal liqueur, created in 1896, that is an ingredient in a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail