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  1. 1.US state whose capital is Tallahassee
  2. 2.Nickel steel alloy also known generically as FeNi36
  3. 3.Sickness caused by overindulgence in food or drink
  4. 4.Russian for 'no
  5. 5.The capital and chief port of Haiti
  6. 6.River, forming part of the border between Scotland and England, that enters the North Sea at Berwick
  7. 7.Song by Fred Spielman and Janice Torre which was a hit for Anita Bryant in 1960 and for Marie Osmond in 1973
  8. 8.The fourteenth studio album by REM, released in 2008
  9. 9.Major Egyptian construction project on the River Nile completed in 1970
  10. 10.The umbelliferous fodder plant hogweed, also known as Indian celery, Indian rhubarb or pushki
  11. 11.English painter noted especially for his paintings of Christ in a contemporary English setting
  12. 12.Any of two or more atoms with the same atomic number that contain different numbers of neutrons
  13. 13.Writer known by the pen name Saki
  14. 14.The 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
  15. 15.A supplement modifying a will or revoking some provision of it
  16. 16.Former England cricket captain who overtook Wally Hammond as the most prolific Test batsman
  17. 17.Small ornamental bag, typically used to hold sewing articles
  18. 18.Phil ___, American entertainer and comedy actor best known for playing Sergeant Bilko
  19. 19.1979 single by The Sugarhill Gang generally considered to be the song that first popularised hip hop in the United States and around the world
  20. 20.A 1966 Top Ten hit single for Small Faces
  21. 21.The fourth-longest river in Europe, known to the Greeks as the Borysthenes
  22. 22.Synthetic medical stimulant known as speed
  23. 23.Town in Kent on the River Medway that formerly had a royal naval dockyard
  24. 24.1910 novel by Arnold Bennett
  25. 25.Plant also called the African lily
  26. 26.Poem written by Horace c. 19 BC and first translated into English in 1566 by Thomas Drant
  27. 27.In the Old Testament, the first wife of Jacob and elder sister of Rachel, his second wife
  28. 28.1956 film starring Marilyn Monroe and Don Murray
  29. 29.Belgian port on the River Scheldt
  30. 30.Stadium that is home to Liverpool FC
  31. 31.Prickly climbing plant of the genus Smilax with large aromatic roots and heart-shaped leaves
  32. 32.Pseudonym of a well-known French urban artist whose work is modelled on the crude pixellation of 8-bit video games
  33. 33.1983 Lewis Gilbert film with a screenplay by Willy Russell based on his stage play
  34. 34.Scottish crime writer best known for a series of novels featuring Dr Tony Hill
  35. 35.Genus of plants that includes love-lies-bleeding
  36. 36.The capital of Suriname