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  1. 1.American athlete who broke Bob Beamon's 22-year-old long jump world record by 5cm at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo
  2. 2.1979 chart-topping single by The Police
  3. 3.Final prayers and ministrations given shortly before death
  4. 4.Double-reed treble woodwind instrument with a penetrating tone
  5. 5.Small, faint constellation between Cygnus and Andromeda whose name is Latin for "Lizard"
  6. 6.Republic in Central America whose currency was the colón, divided into 100 centavos, between 1892 and 2001
  7. 7.The first ten amendments to the US Constitution, added in 1791, which guarantee the liberty of the individual
  8. 8.Edmondo ___, head coach of the Italian football team that lost to North Korea at the 1966 World Cup
  9. 9.River in South Wales that flows from the western Brecon Beacons to the Bristol Channel at Swansea
  10. 10.Moving mechanical devices made in imitation of human beings
  11. 11.Market town in Monmouthshire whose name derives from the Brythonic word Gobannia
  12. 12.Pop group that won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest
  13. 13.Market town in South Gloucestershire that was a UK Parliament constituency from 1885 to 1950
  14. 14.The Plantagenet kings of England, especially those who were also counts of Anjou
  15. 15.1972 chart-topping single by Rod Stewart
  16. 16.1996 Barry Levinson film starring Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Patric and Brad Pitt
  17. 17.A rough heavy mass of solidified lava containing many cavities
  18. 18.Abbreviation for a unique numeric commercial book identifier created in 1966
  19. 19.A centrifugal compressor which boosts the intake pressure of an internal-combustion engine
  20. 20.The chief coalmining and industrial region of Germany
  21. 21.Dame Evelyn ___, Scottish virtuoso percussionist who has been profoundly deaf since the age of 12
  22. 22.Framework formerly worn by women to expand a skirt
  23. 23.Dog breed banned in the UK by the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act
  24. 24.1924 adventure novel by P C Wren featuring the French Foreign Legion
  25. 25.13th-century queen of Scotland called the 'Maid of Norway
  26. 26.Portuguese resort whose motor racing circuit was formerly used for Formula One races
  27. 27.Dog puppet associated with Bob Carolgees
  28. 28.The capital of Togo
  29. 29.Barry ___, Republican Party nominee who lost the 1964 presidential election to Lyndon B Johnson
  30. 30.Site of a US naval base in Cuba at which a detention camp was established in January 2002
  31. 31.1989 Joe Dante film starring Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern and Carrie Fisher
  32. 32.Abdullah ___, South African pianist and composer formerly known as Dollar Brand
  33. 33.1998 film starring Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush
  34. 34.The administrative centre of Kent, on the River Medway
  35. 35.Landmark building in London between The Mall and Trafalgar Square
  36. 36.Novel by Louisa May Alcott originally published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869
  37. 37.1984 novel by J G Ballard that draws extensively on his experiences in World War II
  38. 38.The largest city in Washington
  39. 39.The capital of the former province of West Pakistan
  40. 40.Denmark's chief fishing port, on the North Sea in Jutland
  41. 41.The Zoroastrian priests of the ancient Medes and Persians
  42. 42.Empress of France as wife of Napoleon Bonaparte from 1796 to 1809
  43. 43.Roman historian whose works include a biography of his father-in-law Agricola
  44. 44.English philosopher regarded as the founder of utilitarianism
  45. 45.Metallic element with the chemical symbol Pb
  46. 46.State of Germany whose capital is Stuttgart
  47. 47.Useful product known as Saran wrap in North America and glad wrap in Australia and New Zealand
  48. 48.German name for the River Morava