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  1. 1.Fred ___, 19th-century jockey nicknamed "The Tin Man" who was Champion Jockey 13 times
  2. 2.American-born member of the Parisian avant-garde of the early 20th century whose lover was Gertrude Stein
  3. 3.1945 novel by John Steinbeck set on a street in Monterey
  4. 4.1970 David Lean film for which Sir John Mills won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar
  5. 5.Autobiographical manifesto by Adolf Hitler, published in two volumes in 1925 and 1926
  6. 6.Technical name for whooping cough
  7. 7.Name to which Brad's Drink was changed in 1898
  8. 8.Historic fishing village in Kincardineshire, now subsumed into Stonehaven, with a ruined castle
  9. 9.The protective or supporting structure covering the outside of the body of many animals, such as the thick cuticle of arthropods
  10. 10.An agreement between opposing armies to suspend hostilities in order to discuss peace terms
  11. 11.Roy ___, the oldest manager in English Premier League history
  12. 12.County of the Republic of Ireland in Leinster whose county town is Naas
  13. 13.Language closely related to French, also known as chti, chtimi and rouchi
  14. 14.Gout of the foot or big toe
  15. 15.The horizontal or x-coordinate of a point in a two-dimensional system of Cartesian coordinates
  16. 16.A dry red wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy
  17. 17.Suburban area in Surrey that forms a borough with Epsom
  18. 18.Jesse ___, US athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
  19. 19.Leonardo ___, American actor whose middle name is Wilhelm
  20. 20.Lead vocalist of The Supremes from 1961 to 1969
  21. 21.Scottish rider who won four Olympic silver medals, including the individual silver medal for eventing at the 1988 games
  22. 22.In law, a person who incites someone to commit a crime or assists the perpetrator
  23. 23.Statute of 1715 used to disperse crowds when read by a magistrate
  24. 24.Olivier ___, French international footballer who joined Chelsea from Arsenal in 2018
  25. 25.The destroyer, a name given to the Devil in the Book of Revelation
  26. 26.Scottish word for a church, especially one of the Church of Scotland
  27. 27.Communications code word for the letter R
  28. 28.In the Old Testament, Adam's third son
  29. 29.Marine crustacean of the subclass Cirripedia that lives attached to rocks, ship bottoms, etc
  30. 30.Town in Umbria that was the birthplace of St Francis
  31. 31.Evergreen perennial often grown indoors, with long, tough leaves and brownish-purple flowers
  32. 32.10th-century king of Wessex and Mercia who extended his kingdom to include most of England
  33. 33.1986 film starring Louis Gossett Jr, who also appeared in its three sequels
  34. 34.Dimitri ___, French international footballer who rejoined Marseille from West Ham United in 2017
  35. 35.Conservative MP assassinated by the Provisional IRA in 1985
  36. 36.1930 comedy of manners by Noël Coward
  37. 37.Mineral that is 1 on the Mohs hardness scale
  38. 38.Pseudonym of the French writer Francois Marie Arouet
  39. 39.Short posts used to prevent traffic from entering an area
  40. 40.In anatomy, any small circular area, such as the pigmented ring around a nipple
  41. 41.Another name for the aromatic resin frankincense
  42. 42.1986 book, derived from material from the unpublished diaries of Anaïs Nin, on which a 1990 film was based