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  1. 1.The administrative centre of Somerset
  2. 2.BBC drama series that starred John Simm and Philip Glenister
  3. 3.Christian festival held over the weekend of the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox
  4. 4.Style of jazz piano music developed by Scott Joplin
  5. 5.Anthony ___, actor, singer and songwriter married to Joan Collins from 1963 to 1971
  6. 6.Plant whose varieties are pollinated by different insects
  7. 7.Region of the Earth whose name means 'near the bear
  8. 8.A permission from a college or boarding school for temporary absence
  9. 9.The capital of Paraguay
  10. 10.Pen name of Charles Lamb
  11. 11.In botany, a dense mass of hyphae in which a fungus fructification may develop
  12. 12.Commune in the southwestern suburbs of Paris famed for its porcelain
  13. 13.Word or phrase in which the letters of another word or phrase are rearranged
  14. 14.1994 film starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, based on a novel by Michael Crichton
  15. 15.Novel by Franz Kafka whose central character is Josef K
  16. 16.Imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907 AD
  17. 17.The complete list of saints in the Roman Catholic church
  18. 18.Romanian-born writer and Holocaust survivor awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986
  19. 19.Medical term for a woman who hasn't borne a child
  20. 20.1870 novel by Benjamin Disraeli which expresses his hostility to Catholicism
  21. 21.Frontman of the Northern Irish pop band The Divine Comedy
  22. 22.Expensive spice derived from a crocus
  23. 23.2001 animated film that featured the voices of John Goodman and Billy Crystal
  24. 24.Former England Lioness who retired in 2022 after winning 161 caps
  25. 25.Member of a class of unfree men in ancient Greece
  26. 26.Disc jockey who was the first voice heard on Radio 1 when it launched in 1967
  27. 27.Dutch city associated with the 1713 treaty that ended the War of the Spanish Succession
  28. 28.Name shared by a Lincolnshire market town and a city in Connecticut
  29. 29.In Greek mythology, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba whose prophecies were not believed
  30. 30.The largest city in Louisiana
  31. 31.Caribbean island whose capital is Fort-de-France
  32. 32.Seaside resort town in Denbighshire, Wales, at the mouth of the River Clwyd
  33. 33.Tree also known as the trembling poplar
  34. 34.1964 musical based on the life of comedienne Fanny Brice
  35. 35.Greek hero of the Trojan War who killed himself when Achilles' armour was given to Odysseus
  36. 36.Surname adopted by Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili
  37. 37.The colour red in heraldry
  38. 38.Small African antelope of the genus Madoqua
  39. 39.Longer of the two bones of the forearm
  40. 40.1983 Christmas number one single by the Flying Pickets
  41. 41.Fruit whose varieties include anjou, bartlett and seckel
  42. 42.A shoe made from a single block of wood
  43. 43.Typographic measure slightly larger than a pica
  44. 44.Dutch art movement founded in Leiden in 1917
  45. 45.North American plant of the genus Rudbeckia
  46. 46.Cricketer who was the first professional player to captain England
  47. 47.Italian town after which a gulf of the Tyrrhenian Sea is named
  48. 48.English rock band that was fronted by Ian Curtis
  49. 49.Child star who later became US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia
  50. 50.An archaic word for silver
  51. 51.Central American country whose capital is Managua
  52. 52.Europort in County Wexford, Ireland, with ferry links to Fishguard and Cherbourg