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  1. 1.A Roman Catholic service in which the congregation is blessed with the sacrament
  2. 2.1998 film starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker
  3. 3.Long-tailed rodent of the superfamily Muroidea
  4. 4.Ballet with a score composed by Léo Delibes and Ludwig Minkus which was premiered in 1866 with choreography by Arthur Saint-Léon
  5. 5.A clear, colourless French fruit brandy whose name means "water of life"
  6. 6.Formerly, the standard monetary unit of Portugal
  7. 7.1962 dystopian novella by Anthony Burgess
  8. 8.1986 Tony Scott film starring Tom Cruise as Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
  9. 9.Site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics
  10. 10.The oldest of the eighteen major county clubs which make up the English and Welsh domestic cricket structure
  11. 11.Bass guitarist in the rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival
  12. 12.Another name for a catkin
  13. 13.In theology, the adoration that may be offered to God alone
  14. 14.The first track and field athlete to win a gold medal in the same individual event in four consecutive Olympics
  15. 15.1962 US number-one single by Gene Chandler
  16. 16.Latin term meaning 'according to law
  17. 17.Port in Russia, on the River Don, 30 miles from the Sea of Azov
  18. 18.The capital of Mali
  19. 19.1934 novel by Henry Miller whose publication in the United States in 1961 led to an obscenity trial
  20. 20.1980 Roxy Music single that reached number 5 in the UK
  21. 21.1993 film based on an Ira Levin novel of the same name
  22. 22.1979 Hal Ashby film that was the last Peter Sellers film to be released while he was alive
  23. 23.1415 battle in which English longbowmen under Henry V defeated French forces vastly superior in number
  24. 24.Member of a North American Indian people of the Plains, now living chiefly in Oklahoma and Wyoming
  25. 25.English-born golfer who won the US Masters in 1991
  26. 26.City in Wisconsin located where the Fox River enters Lake Winnebago
  27. 27.Country whose capital is Santiago
  28. 28.Genus of flowering plants known as catnip or catmint
  29. 29.Shelley's middle name
  30. 30.Popular Serbo-Croatian masculine forename meaning "beloved"
  31. 31.Novel by Leo Tolstoy published in serial form from 1873 to 1877
  32. 32.Country whose capital is Kingston
  33. 33.Silvery metallic element whose atomic number is 31
  34. 34.A room with walls that reflect sound
  35. 35.One of the rivers in Hades over which the souls of the dead were ferried by Charon in Greek mythology
  36. 36.A small bone, especially one of those in the middle ear
  37. 37.Single by The Crew-Cuts that reached number 4 in the UK in 1955
  38. 38.The Muse of love poetry in Greek mythology
  39. 39.Johann Balthasar ___, German rococo architect whose masterpiece is the church of Vierzehnheiligen in Bavaria
  40. 40.Mediterranean sailing ship that was used mostly for trading
  41. 41.The Muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology
  42. 42.Henri ___, French artist who was a founder of Fauvism
  43. 43.South African golfer who won the US Open in 1994 and 1997 and the British Open in 2002
  44. 44.Corazon ___, the first woman president of the Philippines
  45. 45.First name of the James Bond character Goldfinger
  46. 46.Football club founded as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878
  47. 47.Children's book by P L Travers published in 1934