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  1. 1.Comedy panel game created and hosted by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer
  2. 2.Market town at the head of the estuary of the River Dart in Devon
  3. 3.1928 R C Sherriff play set in the trenches near Saint-Quentin, Aisne, in 1918
  4. 4.The capital of Guam
  5. 5.Indonesian island whose capital is Denpasar
  6. 6.Welsh boxer nicknamed "The Rock" who held the WBA super lightweight title from 2007 to 2008
  7. 7.Song by Arthur Hamilton first made famous by Julie London in 1955
  8. 8.The phenomenon in which magnetic flux is excluded from a substance when it is in a superconducting state, except for a thin layer at the surface
  9. 9.The capital of Louisiana
  10. 10.Stream that in ancient times was the boundary between Italy and Cisalpine Gaul
  11. 11.English pop group whose original members were Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton and Kerry Katona
  12. 12.English city called Aquae Sulis by the Romans
  13. 13.In botany, a dense mass of hyphae in which a fungus fructification may develop
  14. 14.The chief coalmining and industrial region of Germany
  15. 15.Device that controls the quantity of fuel or fuel and air mixture entering an engine
  16. 16.The southernmost and the shallowest of the Great Lakes
  17. 17.The third and final studio album by Nirvana, released in 1993
  18. 18.Cruise ship hijacked by members of the Palestine Liberation Front in 1985
  19. 19.American baseball team whose home has been Fenway Park since 1912
  20. 20.The largest town in the county of Carmarthenshire
  21. 21.The second largest city in Alaska
  22. 22.The largest market town in Shropshire, close to the Welsh border
  23. 23.Steroid hormone secreted chiefly by the ovaries and placenta
  24. 24.English essayist and critic who wrote under the pen name Elia
  25. 25.The bending back of a part, especially the hand or foot or their digits
  26. 26.Insect of the order Dermaptera
  27. 27.A cloth covering the back and arms of chairs, etc., to prevent soiling
  28. 28.In Zen Buddhism, the state of sudden indescribable intuitive enlightenment
  29. 29.Play by Harold Pinter written in 1974
  30. 30.King of Mercia from 757 to 796
  31. 31.Scottish Championship football team nicknamed "The Honest Men"
  32. 32.Element with the atomic number two
  33. 33.Slender feline mammal of the African bush
  34. 34.The capital of Lesotho
  35. 35.City in Canada on Great Slave Lake that is capital of the Northwest Territories
  36. 36.A military tribunal
  37. 37.Karl ___, German admiral named as Adolf Hitler's successor as head of state in April 1945