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  1. 1.Ordinarily, flipping Luxembourg and Austria mostly backslide, 'neutral; independent
  2. 2.A nun, woozy with a cigar from somewhere in Central America
  3. 3.Correspondence from overseas resort captured Tropics
  4. 4.My jape is silly, overshadowing isolated overnight events
  5. 5.Writer in bliss before seeing cheque ... gutted
  6. 6.Strict type of ballerina, initially narcissistic drama queen withholding support
  7. 7.Leafy green or cheese and white wine? Not half!
  8. 8.Hone temper
  9. 9.Scratching head, orthopod's performing skilful manuvre
  10. 10.Time to note: what was more savoury now more indecent
  11. 11.Tasteless rubbish! American! I'm off!
  12. 12.Pour most of the whiskey out what you may do later?
  13. 13.Dame; unsettling macabre author, uncomfortable reading including eerie Rebecca, primarily!
  14. 14.They rebuke people found on roofs
  15. 15.Small amount of money Everyman's hiding, getting stick
  16. 16.Equality with prince becoming king it's seldom seen
  17. 17.Bootlegging, excluding number that's suggestive
  18. 18.Troll using some 'gammon' stereotypes
  19. 19.Table' in France: a single dish with water
  20. 20.Complain as storyteller returning
  21. 21.Haunt with unnatural sobs describing evacuated entrails
  22. 22.Tea, followed by tea dance
  23. 23.Monsieur altered canton to include limits of Basel and an Alp
  24. 24.Also, the German harbours run as per specifications
  25. 25.Some Blairism that's essential in vision
  26. 26.Topple after a little Negroni and fizz as starters
  27. 27.Without a plan to lose home, becoming derelict