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  1. 1.As per sources, Diana's uncle, Charles' aunt Lizzie could be related to duke
  2. 2.... maybe it is Ludwig, Goransson that is
  3. 3.State has victory collecting small coins issued
  4. 4.Say, Pondicherry district in demonstration, to start non-cooperation against closure
  5. 5.... in place of sublieutinant held in confinement
  6. 6.Head office's initial public offering is to collect money to distribute oil to common people
  7. 7.Your old listener coming to the front is rude
  8. 8.Take no notice of Italian gentleman, he is off his head
  9. 9....or something egg shaped free on order
  10. 10.Worker in costumes of natives, say
  11. 11.Famous tennis player retires having pain, against Russian leader
  12. 12.One used butter at retreat, perhaps
  13. 13.Wild pig, fat all around seen at port side
  14. 14.Summers are bad, animals can infringe at sources
  15. 15.A film on how titanic crashed; it's shot with Navy's involvement
  16. 16.South Korean rapper at church to find energy and soul
  17. 17.The 8th letter's second page's long
  18. 18.Bach in Germany? Somewhat painful...
  19. 19.A maths problem? No it's another problem
  20. 20.Easygoing person or aggressive? Hard to say initially. Maybe a lion
  21. 21.Navy boarding American vessels...
  22. 22.Part with remark right away
  23. 23.Assailant ripped apart by dogs
  24. 24.After the onset of throat infection, sign of multiplication between neck and abdomen
  25. 25.The pair buys egg from stall...
  26. 26.Visa issued to enter District of Columbia; prepared for tennis tournament
  27. 27.Clearly defined like the squares here
  28. 28.Leafy vegetable, cold and raw
  29. 29.Bookings regarding supplies without significance
  30. 30.Soldier seen in a university at Chennai has chest pain

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