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  1. 1.Snorting cocaine, revolting aristocrat dashes into party
  2. 2.Street kid injured leg in trail
  3. 3.Abruptly, youth shot gangster to be on the wagon
  4. 4.Dramatic work conducted by superstar, epochal on reflection
  5. 5.Stupid liars carrying ecstasy in Middle Eastern country
  6. 6.Introduces leading industrialist wearing fancy satin tie
  7. 7.Venomous snake in dock behind container
  8. 8.Bloomer by director and Bollywood actress to consume heroin
  9. 9.Most fastidious dentist used excellent drills
  10. 10.One surrendering with eyelid torn by kickboxers heel
  11. 11.Holding one pistol, decoy Bond
  12. 12.Young night bird in hotel, wobbling backwards
  13. 13.What person waxing might do to show great frustration?
  14. 14.Looking pretty, student becomes queen
  15. 15.Old, crushed by painful problem, want to settle and fall asleep quickly
  16. 16.Stumped by spin and turn
  17. 17.Oriental boat in distance, about a mile
  18. 18.Hawks catching large rats
  19. 19.Liberal assassinated! Just atrocious
  20. 20.Shocking failure to rescue girl starting to drown he might get sacked for it
  21. 21.Decline date with cheat wanting sex primarily
  22. 22.Last drop of water in desert, becoming weak
  23. 23.Fights less vigorously after receiving slap
  24. 24.Take part in criminal investigation
  25. 25.Son, overweight, shedding pound to become fit
  26. 26.Six by boy over slips essentially shows creativity
  27. 27.Oriole flies over barred bay window
  28. 28.Praise cooking after eating favourite starter
  29. 29.Worry about one lads love affair
  30. 30.Brought back meat sandwiches, slice of cheese and egg for hunk

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The cryptic crosswords published by The Hindu Group are based on a variety of subjects and the carefully selected clues are themselves a small puzzle. Only by cracking these clues, can the players enter the correct letters to complete the crossword. Solving these puzzles on a daily basis not only improves your vocabulary but also helps to sharpen your cognitive brain functions. You will notice your puzzle solving capacity improve with each passing day.

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The additional benefits of a digital Hindu subscription are a free access to their E-paper which is activated within 24 hours of subscription.
The Hindu also has a special sports section for all the sports fans. There are two crosswords namely The Sportstar Crossword and Sport On which test your sports trivia. It is the perfect way to spend your Sundays revisiting some of the best moments in sporting history.

The Hindu Crossword Author: The Hindu crossword puzzles are written by famous well known crossword setters with a wide variety of experience. The most famous person who is also called as the Gridman is C.G.Rishikesh. Other popular crossword setters are M Kishore Rao who goes by the name Incognito and AR Devanathan who is called as Arden and many more.

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