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  1. 1.Adjust old payment incorporating interest, primarily
  2. 2.Ground adjoining meeting place becomes wet
  3. 3.Encrypt conservative poem by nurse
  4. 4.Mountain in America, say, endlessly emits rocks and unknown source of oxygen and neon
  5. 5.For the most part, Spanish city hosts free game of football
  6. 6.A tax on certain goods entering a town in Romania during first day of last quarter
  7. 7.Praising college instead of student? Thats harsh!
  8. 8.Forsaken soldiers hiding in food shop adjacent to court
  9. 9.Division of company wanting to expel head of sales
  10. 10.Revises morning targets
  11. 11.Rent a room at the entrance for a band
  12. 12.Rice dish made by father and girl
  13. 13.Safe cots, maybe!
  14. 14.Try to break bad items for self-interest
  15. 15.Brilliant story celebrated without a hint of objection
  16. 16.Chaotic mind will move like a wheel
  17. 17.Cook around lunch time following Frenchmans pranks
  18. 18.Situation of South American wrestler near Brazilian city
  19. 19.Insignificant gunmen leaving base
  20. 20.Unusual name saves unintelligent person from the east
  21. 21.Drunk son united with daughter outside bar
  22. 22.Last piece of tofu added to very rare frozen dessert
  23. 23.An increase in the wavelength of light found in space around plastic shed
  24. 24.Essentially wrap food and vegetable
  25. 25.Mixing hard rock with pop? It may not be kosher for some people!
  26. 26.Talk about training and work
  27. 27.Greedy sister and husband adopt a mischievous child
  28. 28.Fur sales managed by people

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The Hindu Cryptic Crossword

The cryptic crosswords published by The Hindu Group are based on a variety of subjects and the carefully selected clues are themselves a small puzzle. Only by cracking these clues, can the players enter the correct letters to complete the crossword. Solving these puzzles on a daily basis not only improves your vocabulary but also helps to sharpen your cognitive brain functions. You will notice your puzzle solving capacity improve with each passing day.

The Hindu Group publishes a special crossword on Sunday which is quite challenging and they have a set of rules that one must follow in order to enter the Sunday Crossword Contest.
The Hindu crossword answers are generally published online on the same day and puzzle enthusiasts can also find blogs and article explaining tough crosswords like Sunday crossword. The answers to the clues can be found more easily if you are a regular player of The Guardian and The Times puzzles.

The Hindu Group offers a subscription based service where you are given a free access to all the puzzles, crosswords and blogs. In addition you can also access the puzzles that are set by the best minds of the Guardian which are curated to challenge both young and old minds. The Sudoku puzzles which a very popular number game are also published by The Hindu. If you are new to the crossword world, then you can really benefit from the blogs and articles that are published along with the puzzles on a regular basis.

The additional benefits of a digital Hindu subscription are a free access to their E-paper which is activated within 24 hours of subscription.
The Hindu also has a special sports section for all the sports fans. There are two crosswords namely The Sportstar Crossword and Sport On which test your sports trivia. It is the perfect way to spend your Sundays revisiting some of the best moments in sporting history.

The Hindu Crossword Author: The Hindu crossword puzzles are written by famous well known crossword setters with a wide variety of experience. The most famous person who is also called as the Gridman is C.G.Rishikesh. Other popular crossword setters are M Kishore Rao who goes by the name Incognito and AR Devanathan who is called as Arden and many more.

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