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4-September-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Judge engaged in pure finesse to cut bigotry
  2. 2.Fail to recall counterfeit model
  3. 3.Limited sex during punishment
  4. 4.Struggle repeatedly parking large convertible
  5. 5.Fare dodgers pull off hiding in ship
  6. 6.Own clothing line is cut by 50%
  7. 7.Record time making garment
  8. 8.For example, a frog in Namibia mutated, acquiring pinkish extremities
  9. 9.Drive old Hillman and Tesla alternately
  10. 10.Go-between introducing groom initially to wife-to-be
  11. 11.Waste when teacher with education degree retired
  12. 12.Vote for point supported by half of speeches
  13. 13.Am with old Queen and I may ring for coffee
  14. 14.Sick postie keeping uniform is poignant
  15. 15.Fellow captured by detachment is in bad shape
  16. 16.Tutor taking hour off with first kid in A&E gets something nice to eat
  17. 17.Note Spurs playing without Kane finally look smarter
  18. 18.Say 'Sorry I go so pale at sea
  19. 19.Classy headgear's better at accommodating head of hair
  20. 20.Great in the old days: you lit pipe inside
  21. 21.Unable to relax, has some vanilla tea served
  22. 22.Ruffled the in-crowd?
  23. 23.Political party's infiltrated by 'double 0' spy
  24. 24.£1.05 gets good girl a pet
  25. 25.Most of team's embarrassed for yielding
  26. 26.Endure guy endlessly coming up to grab husband in big embrace
  27. 27.Both sides in final broadcast show panache
  28. 28.The Stage has article on hosting panto regularly
  29. 29.Stopped heartless revolutionary dictator
  30. 30.Articulated lever for jackpot
  31. 31.Thought of French journalist capturing space in print
  32. 32.Discharge is horribly near to blocking Devon river