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20-June-2022 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Knob in brass instrument mentioned
  2. 2.Factory worker ready to supply remote control device
  3. 3.New item required for archery is restricted
  4. 4.Irregular method followed by section of a hospital
  5. 5.A learner having little vitality gets permit
  6. 6.Captain's area on ship missing first raised strip of land
  7. 7.Doctor is enthralled by fish in Arctic feature
  8. 8.Varied stars rejected food around old city
  9. 9.Insurance policy on rental property, which is found on bed
  10. 10.One agent had to be redeployed, requiring attention
  11. 11.Pinkish-red growths turn up on Chuck, maybe
  12. 12.Asian language proves draw by the sound of it
  13. 13.Songwriter is honed after working on first of musicals
  14. 14.Counter with publication, clear source of attraction?
  15. 15.Fine type of pottery is evident around sides of older church
  16. 16.A cop is excited about southern artist
  17. 17.Regard for number one?
  18. 18.Something that might be blown in the presence of English writer
  19. 19.One opposing some Italian timekeeping
  20. 20.Man's best friend gets to slip in part of a stand
  21. 21.American with avarice is of the same mind
  22. 22.Male in Spanish city starts to prefer exquisite entrées, loving covering of fruit
  23. 23.Flag shown by old seagoing vessel carrying queen
  24. 24.English archdeacon of a smooth nature
  25. 25.Location, we're told, upset Welshman, a tourist
  26. 26.Two that stir in a haphazard way, initially
  27. 27.Utter slogan of a leftist?
  28. 28.Unreliable type made bankrupt by necessity? About right
  29. 29.Companion has a time for casual conversation
  30. 30.One river after another in the countryside