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  1. 1.Near enough to be involved in one of two charitable actions?
  2. 2.Crime — so it could turn into sexual excitement?
  3. 3.It was appropriate at one time to assemble
  4. 4.Plant housed in another building
  5. 5.Chums making hit, going up
  6. 6.Plant cutter of great power?
  7. 7.Minister and dog had sustenance?
  8. 8.Dodgy leader, sanctimonious and English, getting ripped apart
  9. 9.Feature of thrillers from American writers in the Florida area?
  10. 10.Tactile therapist offering service with back-directed 1 down
  11. 11.Worry female horse audibly in Welsh town
  12. 12.Snoop quietly by railway
  13. 13.Endlessly slow, turning up? Blast!
  14. 14.Support vehicle returning to get top man
  15. 15.A revolutionary can be a pain
  16. 16.Finish in Queer Street, becoming most sore
  17. 17.Tribe's unusual colour
  18. 18.Applaud honoured companion, always
  19. 19.Firm beginning to build key metallic element
  20. 20.What's expected with energy cut?
  21. 21.Thrill produced by bird, one by lake after dusk?
  22. 22.Brute of a fellow mostly seen round the province
  23. 23.identity needed by Man in a manner of speaking
  24. 24.Soldiers protecting domestic fortifications
  25. 25.American composer and officer arrive at Heathrow, maybe
  26. 26.Tour leader being listened to and laughed at
  27. 27.Solemn poem with glee somehow unknown?
  28. 28.Member coming to church entrance
  29. 29.Bewildered? Worse things happen here, allegedly!
  30. 30.Living has been difficult with fun primarily put on ice
  31. 31.Camp bed put down by North American lake
  32. 32.Compliantly offering a word of prayer — competently, too
  33. 33.Audacious British party of the wild variety