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  1. 1.Massage Sally's back, which is a deep red
  2. 2.Menial worker taking pound from e.g. Tiger Woods
  3. 3.Smart leader of The Police
  4. 4.Bands take LSD with energy in empty stadiums
  5. 5.Religious education class mend their ways?
  6. 6.Rifle poorly held by knight's assistant
  7. 7.Fortified wine's knocked back, in a bad mood
  8. 8.You heard dram's swallowed hot, not cool
  9. 9.Advanced, complex maths generating complaint
  10. 10.France's very old-fashioned king, one invading others' lands
  11. 11.Declared an FBI agent protects business
  12. 12.Pro drug smugglers getting signs of things to come
  13. 13.Brighton and Hove Albion FC mostly play in Russia
  14. 14.Hairdo Doctor Faustus has pinned back
  15. 15.Disaster affected cat, dog and fox losing tail
  16. 16.Settled how nun is dressed by Edward
  17. 17.Fierceness shown by assertive he-men? Certainly!
  18. 18.Help for referees - it includes an alternative form
  19. 19.Split up clocks, perhaps - they don't always work
  20. 20.Saint, over a long period of time, is most judicious
  21. 21.Starters of pork after lazily eating pasty
  22. 22.Detective Sergeant, drinking more rum, walks unsteadily
  23. 23.Kind of coffee female hip-hop artist hasn't finished
  24. 24.Crazy Tea Party figure forced to accept that crooked Republican
  25. 25.Chinese criminal gang admitting racket around West Indian island
  26. 26.One's welcoming new name for pubs
  27. 27.Girls from Madrid, say, modified assertion
  28. 28.Strange metaphors in Timon of Athens, say
  29. 29.Little swimmers bit people from Warsaw, say
  30. 30.Tactics in games start going wrong