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11-September-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Assembly for all to see in fashion
  2. 2.First sign of this disorder to get luxury food
  3. 3.Wore latest in gear kept in varied depots
  4. 4.Women in rear of convertible that could be red
  5. 5.Note large water jug that's more modern
  6. 6.Conceit? It is shown in leading group facing yard
  7. 7.Passionate figure in fashionable Kent area
  8. 8.Find out case is damaged by time in wet weather
  9. 9.Some parcel listed for a member of the orchestra?
  10. 10.Hands heard having a break
  11. 11.Guy initially rambling with this anecdote getting to last a long time?
  12. 12.German city defends good feeling surviving from the past
  13. 13.Hygienic item is recycled or donated
  14. 14.Notice one pulling vehicle in imposing civic structure
  15. 15.Terse US city conservative in charge
  16. 16.Exceptional child supporting tips on geometry around Day One
  17. 17.Eccentric retains Greek tipple
  18. 18.Continuous flows of online content for groups of schoolchildren
  19. 19.Bad local I suspect admitting first of infractions? Disgracefully bad!
  20. 20.At the outset, skiers love avoiding loads on mountain's winding course?
  21. 21.Crowd with difficulty entering Florida in a small group of boats
  22. 22.Completely cover cut after breaking even
  23. 23.Soprano has to manage range
  24. 24.Trustworthy sales type found on university chart
  25. 25.Bachelor carried a rickety improvised obstruction
  26. 26.Old guys in hot springs, reportedly
  27. 27.Main changes in outskirts of Bolton for one collecting rubbish
  28. 28.Heading off, stopping activity to remove leaves from a garden
  29. 29.Celebrity with expression of annoyance making a comeback