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  1. 1.Risk with director departing in fury
  2. 2.Coaches opt out after mobilising lazy types
  3. 3.Least costly copy held in strong box
  4. 4.Mention of first person, one topping the order? That's a surprise!
  5. 5.A couple object to such a fruit
  6. 6.A good priest in North Carolina having shining virtue?
  7. 7.Model on holiday has to leave hurriedly
  8. 8.Antiquated type keeping page and a duplicate
  9. 9.One on two wheels in Cyprus, not a top celebrity!
  10. 10.Mystification shown by a pair of fellows among British lot missing a leader
  11. 11.Small space in building in which a court of law is absent
  12. 12.Recall top independent male that's civilised and hard working
  13. 13.Accounts examiner said in France to be captivated by gold in different forms
  14. 14.Son gets bite in tiny spot
  15. 15.Retrograde journalist cut file into pieces, being dishonest
  16. 16.Artistic work secures a place firstly in church
  17. 17.Envision hostile figure penning note on Kent region
  18. 18.Filter list I'd assembled
  19. 19.Woman who was first among everyone to get educational qualification
  20. 20.See person holding back fencing sword
  21. 21.Western hotel with varied tea and cereal
  22. 22.Lever caught with things in line by counter
  23. 23.Pair avoid introduction to a work
  24. 24.Hot drink taken by king in wood
  25. 25.Key volume on much of Mediterranean country
  26. 26.Central part of idea by deputy for contrivance
  27. 27.Children between old river and a road to source of fruit?
  28. 28.Same motor working in place generating heat?
  29. 29.Leading priest, one with Joseph's partner