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  1. 1.Urban subterranean openings
  2. 2.I to Einstein
  3. 3.Key for exiting full-screen mode
  4. 4.One tablet a day, say
  5. 5.Prepare to cook
  6. 6.It's used for basic chemistry assessments
  7. 7.Partners of some sirs
  8. 8.Part of a poke bowl, perhaps
  9. 9.Member of a class including ticks and scorpions
  10. 10.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  11. 11.Feature of many houses of worship
  12. 12.Chest material, perhaps
  13. 13.It's pitched on a farm
  14. 14."How's things?"
  15. 15.City central to the German Enlightenment
  16. 16.Wake-up calls?
  17. 17.Makes hotter, in a way
  18. 18.Modernized, in a way
  19. 19.Allow
  20. 20.Went back to being a blonde, say

About The Atlantic Crossword

The Atlantic is known to challenge assumptions and pursue truth since its inception in 1857. The Atlantic launched its first crossword in September 1977 called ‘The Atlantic Puzzler’. Its run was ended in print in 2006. Now, they have a mini puzzle called ‘The Atlantic Crossword’. This puzzler is created with regards to the needs of a general smartphone user. The difficulty level of the puzzle increases through Monday to Saturday. The biggest puzzle of the week is published on Sunday. The Sunday crossword is the most difficult and interesting puzzle of all. It comes with a social feature that allows adding another person and solving the puzzle together. All Sunday puzzles are 15 by 15 themed and they are created by the regular puzzle creators on a rotating basis. Some of them are difficult than the others, but on average, the difficulty level is equal to the ones published on Wednesdays. Signing up for the digital subscription lets allows an access to all the previous crosswords in a reverse chronological order.

Solving The Atlantic Crossword

For the beginners, there are a few tips that can help you solve The Atlantic Crossword. Plural clues generally mean the answers would be in plural too. If a clue has a question mark at the end, it might mean that the answer would involve some wordplay. All the Atlantic Crossword answers and the clues have the same part of speech. This is true for tenses as well – the clue and the answer would be in the same tense. It’s not mandatory to start solving the puzzle at 1-across. One should start solving the clues they already know. If a crossword clue has an abbreviation, its answer will too. For every clue, its first letter is capitalized. This might seem as just a pattern of writing, but it’s not. The crossword creators use this to their advantage as hiding a proper noun this way becomes easier for them and challenging for the solver. Lastly, there is no shame in looking up things you don’t know as this is a learning process.

The Atlantic Crossword authors: Multiple authors contribute to The Atlantic Crossword. Their talented crossword editor, Caleb Madison, has been successfully creating crosswords that maintain the initial promise of The Atlantic – providing the audience with an healthy appetite for their minds in various forms of entertainment.

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