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  1. 1.Bullet point
  2. 2."Likely story!”
  3. 3.Like galaxies
  4. 4.Mexican money
  5. 5.Bandleader Arnaz
  6. 6.Rodeo lasso
  7. 7.Cuts, as a lawn
  8. 8.Angsty rock subgenre
  9. 9.Corn serving
  10. 10.Folkie Phil
  11. 11.Hush-hush
  12. 12.Rustic hotel
  13. 13.Tranquillity
  14. 14.Rejections
  15. 15."Celebrity Rehab” host
  16. 16.IRS hiree
  17. 17.Certain Fed
  18. 18.Like much music of the '90s
  19. 19.A long time
  20. 20.Mrs., in Essen
  21. 21.Baptism or matrimony
  22. 22.Indian tea
  23. 23.Match unit
  24. 24."Je —” ("I am,” in Paris)
  25. 25.Italian cheese
  26. 26."Little” girl in "Hairspray”
  27. 27.Sport played on horseback
  28. 28.Decaf brand
  29. 29.Bumped into
  30. 30.Gas brand in Canada
  31. 31.Indonesian island
  32. 32.PC shortcut
  33. 33.Precious
  34. 34.Actress Issa or Charlotte
  35. 35.Most fancy duds
  36. 36.Instruments such as maracas and congas
  37. 37.Bird's refuge
  38. 38.Zodiac lion
  39. 39.Self-motivation mantra
  40. 40.Pop's Celine
  41. 41.Mystery
  42. 42.Entertainer Ross or Rigg
  43. 43.Former U.N. chief Kofi
  44. 44."Omoo” writer Melville
  45. 45.Former space station
  46. 46.Self-description after a lifestyle change
  47. 47.The Bollywood film industry
  48. 48.Adar, Nisan and Tishri
  49. 49.Uncool character
  50. 50.Frat party dispensers
  51. 51.Paris airport
  52. 52.Political exile
  53. 53.Koranic faith
  54. 54.Little demon
  55. 55.Makes illegal
  56. 56.Mendeleev who created the periodic table
  57. 57.Assoc.
  58. 58.Debate topic
  59. 59.Lost tabbies
  60. 60.City in Ohio
  61. 61."— So Fine”
  62. 62.Knee, elbow or shoulder problem
  63. 63.Extra benefit
  64. 64.One or more
  65. 65.Omelet meat
  66. 66.Intermingle
  67. 67.Infant's cry
  68. 68.Pack-carrying equine
  69. 69.Anxious condition, for short
  70. 70.Ultimatum ending
  71. 71.Blood fluid
  72. 72."I volunteer!”
  73. 73."Well now!”
  74. 74.Inferior grade
  75. 75.LAX listings
  76. 76.Debt note
  77. 77.Sign gas
  78. 78.Loose-skinned citrus fruit
  79. 79.Godzilla or Grendel
  80. 80.Hard rain
  81. 81.Horse father
  82. 82.Pudding thickener
  83. 83.Floor decor
  84. 84.Skip off to the altar
  85. 85.Short note
  86. 86.— Reader (magazine)
  87. 87.Central point
  88. 88."Nuts!”
  89. 89.Bit of a giggle
  90. 90.Old Thailand
  91. 91.Rembrandt, Vermeer or Hals
  92. 92.Expropriate
  93. 93."Je t'—” ("I love you,” in Paris)
  94. 94.5 and 10, but not V and X
  95. 95.Decorative enamelware
  96. 96.Liquefied by heat
  97. 97.Comment just after waking
  98. 98.Maui gift
  99. 99.General site
  100. 100.Speller's clarifying words
  101. 101.Mongolia's — Bator
  102. 102.Tennis' Arthur
  103. 103.Pine- — (disinfectant)
  104. 104.Blogger Klein
  105. 105.Found out, to Brits
  106. 106.Slow-moving mollusk
  107. 107."— -Ca-Dabra” (1974 hit song)
  108. 108.Ticket ends
  109. 109.Snow vehicle
  110. 110.See 130-Across
  111. 111.With 53-Across, section of the northern Atlantic
  112. 112.Banquet liquid holders
  113. 113.Mensa stats
  114. 114.Cheese, in Chihuahua
  115. 115.Nagging pain
  116. 116.Runner Bolt
  117. 117."Ask — questions ...”
  118. 118.Flax-colored
  119. 119.Big melees
  120. 120.Make fun of
  121. 121.Swiss money
  122. 122.2020 U.S. Open winner Osaka
  123. 123.Make hostile
  124. 124.Originally named
  125. 125.To a great degree
  126. 126."Pata Pata” singer Makeba
  127. 127.Oscar winner Penn
  128. 128.Famed ethnic fighters
  129. 129.Lifesaving sites, in brief
  130. 130.Pop's Easton
  131. 131.Legal claim on property
  132. 132.Israelites' Promised Land
  133. 133.City near San Diego
  134. 134.Sumac of song
  135. 135.Apt directive for solvers of this puzzle
  136. 136.Stair part
  137. 137.Tranquillity
  138. 138.Mu — shrimp
  139. 139."I haven't gotten word yet”
  140. 140.Alternative to Kool-Aid or Hi-C
  141. 141.Smoked thing, for short
  142. 142.Gp. for people 50 and up
  143. 143.Jan. preceder
  144. 144.— es Salaam, Tanzania
  145. 145.Upper-left PC key
  146. 146.Stratagem

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