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  1. 1."That's the — goes”
  2. 2.Cartoon hits
  3. 3.Abbr. ending a math proof
  4. 4.Partakes of
  5. 5.Put new concrete on
  6. 6.Points of convergence
  7. 7.1847 Herman Melville novel
  8. 8.Third bk. of the Bible
  9. 9.Reverend Jackson
  10. 10.Judo halls
  11. 11.Dubya or JFK
  12. 12.See 33-Across
  13. 13.With 73- and 117-Across, notable fact about this puzzle's solution
  14. 14.In-favor votes
  15. 15.Glide in a rink
  16. 16.The Beatles' "Eleanor —”
  17. 17.Little jewel
  18. 18."That's clear”
  19. 19.Former Pan Am rival
  20. 20.Scottish refusals
  21. 21.Mexico's — California
  22. 22.River in Italy
  23. 23.Tailless cat
  24. 24.Eligible for Soc. Sec.
  25. 25."— Out of My League”
  26. 26.Western treaty inits.
  27. 27.Biblical song
  28. 28.Betray by snitching
  29. 29.Is
  30. 30.Cereal utensil
  31. 31.Cable inits. for old films
  32. 32.Solidifies
  33. 33.Pliocene, e.g.
  34. 34.Give a test to
  35. 35."American Pie” actor — William Scott
  36. 36.People crushing things
  37. 37.Of very hilly regions
  38. 38.Office scribe
  39. 39.Book divs.
  40. 40.Chef's hat
  41. 41.Mitigate
  42. 42.Wd. often ending in "-ly”
  43. 43.Linguist Chomsky
  44. 44.Lawn digger
  45. 45.Cry to a lifesaver
  46. 46.Jazz saxophonist Dave
  47. 47.Coastal inlet
  48. 48.Coating with glossy varnish
  49. 49.Hot dog
  50. 50.ROY G. —
  51. 51.Plant — (claim some territory, maybe)
  52. 52.D-Max pickup maker
  53. 53.Muslim face veil
  54. 54.Years, in Italy
  55. 55.Smidge
  56. 56.Visibly sulky
  57. 57."Be quiet!”
  58. 58.Suppress
  59. 59.See 33-Across
  60. 60.Toon frame
  61. 61.Acorn trees
  62. 62.Yank who wore #13
  63. 63.The "E” of 39-Across
  64. 64.Getting a laugh of out
  65. 65.Surgical tool
  66. 66.Funny Carrey
  67. 67.Kismet
  68. 68.18-wheeler
  69. 69.Ceremony
  70. 70."El —” (nickname of a drug lord)
  71. 71.Aliens, briefly
  72. 72.NBA's Erving, familiarly
  73. 73.Med. insurer
  74. 74.Cool, man
  75. 75.Suffix with form
  76. 76."Grimm” airer
  77. 77.Revised copy
  78. 78.Prizes highly
  79. 79.Big name in utility knives
  80. 80.Roguish behavior
  81. 81.Tweak
  82. 82.Blue hue
  83. 83.Horse riders
  84. 84.Glaring
  85. 85.Part of a ship's hull
  86. 86.Antigen-attacking lymphocyte
  87. 87."Stupid me!”
  88. 88.Gibson liquor
  89. 89.Sam of golf
  90. 90.Trig, for calc, e.g.
  91. 91.Decide you will
  92. 92.Lupe of "Mexican Spitfire”
  93. 93.Huge-screen film format
  94. 94."Kisses and hugs” symbol
  95. 95.Pop's Grande
  96. 96.Class for an Eng. major
  97. 97.Basic nature
  98. 98.U.S. spy gp.
  99. 99.Possible answer to "Who is?”
  100. 100.Basra citizen
  101. 101."Seminar,” for "Marines,” e.g.: Abbr.
  102. 102.Visibly awed
  103. 103.Big name in infomercial knives
  104. 104.Log splitter
  105. 105.Rho-tau link
  106. 106.Stick on
  107. 107.Liveliness
  108. 108.Interlaced
  109. 109.Lauder of cosmetics
  110. 110.Travel by foot
  111. 111."King Kong” studio
  112. 112.Mark over a short vowel
  113. 113.Popular place for a piercing
  114. 114.Move in spasms
  115. 115.Injure greatly
  116. 116.Monumental
  117. 117.Yang partner
  118. 118.Judicial inquest
  119. 119.Albuquerque-to-Denver dir.
  120. 120.Writer Mario Vargas —
  121. 121.Tips, as a hat
  122. 122.Arouse
  123. 123.Traffic snarl
  124. 124.Des Moines native
  125. 125.Small amount, as of sales
  126. 126.Pack of yaks
  127. 127.Univ. about 50 miles west of Topeka
  128. 128.Pre-liftoff expression
  129. 129.Mine, in Italy
  130. 130.Laugh syllable from a Stooge
  131. 131."Incredible!”
  132. 132.Well-off
  133. 133.Cool guy on "Happy Days”
  134. 134.Put a levy on
  135. 135.Artist Yoko
  136. 136.Wolf down
  137. 137.Div. of a hoops game
  138. 138."Run This Town” rapper
  139. 139.Drink heartily
  140. 140.Tot's glassful
  141. 141.Totally alter
  142. 142.NFL's Jaguars, on scoreboards
  143. 143.Some Native Americans
  144. 144.Deer relative
  145. 145.Wye follower
  146. 146.Cholesterol-lowering drug
  147. 147.Animals: Suffix
  148. 148.Atty.'s title
  149. 149.Group of precision marchers
  150. 150.Ending for buck

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