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  1. 1.Gimlet liquor
  2. 2.Declared it to be true
  3. 3."— tree falls in the forest ...”
  4. 4.Civil War prez
  5. 5."Moneytalks” rock band
  6. 6.Smitten romantically
  7. 7.Cruel Roman emperor
  8. 8.Kid's "cootie”
  9. 9.Vital vessel
  10. 10.Thor and Loki
  11. 11.1998 Spike Lee film, elementally?
  12. 12.Alarm clock heeders
  13. 13.Livestock pen
  14. 14.With 67-Down, kitchen tool
  15. 15.Madison Ave. products
  16. 16."How funny”
  17. 17.TV's — May Clampett
  18. 18.Thirst for
  19. 19.Like Columbus, by birth
  20. 20.Low seats with no backs
  21. 21.Unearth
  22. 22.About to receive something special, elementally?
  23. 23.Football great John
  24. 24.Pizza cooker
  25. 25.Dog sound
  26. 26."Not gonna happen,” elementally?
  27. 27.Intend (to)
  28. 28.Iron source
  29. 29.Didn't waste
  30. 30.Colleague of Trotsky
  31. 31.Bro's sibling
  32. 32.Provo's state
  33. 33."You have my word,” elementally?
  34. 34.French city
  35. 35.Overhead rails
  36. 36.Shot — (ice hockey stat)
  37. 37.Upgrade electrically
  38. 38."Rats!”
  39. 39.Liqueur akin to sambuca
  40. 40.On the job
  41. 41.Absorb, as spilled ink or gravy
  42. 42.Estrange
  43. 43.Extremist sect
  44. 44.— of March
  45. 45.Don of talk radio
  46. 46.N-R linkup
  47. 47.Whale pod
  48. 48."Help yourself!,” elementally?
  49. 49.Prominent people
  50. 50.Bill Clinton's veep, elementally?
  51. 51.ThinkPad's original co.
  52. 52.Purple hue
  53. 53.Letter stroke
  54. 54.Off-kilter
  55. 55.Brand of shoes and leather goods
  56. 56.Bullring cheer
  57. 57."... — it just me?”
  58. 58.Brief swim
  59. 59.Ancient Cuzco citizen
  60. 60.Puccini opera, elementally?
  61. 61.Ice needles, e.g.
  62. 62."March comes in like — ...”
  63. 63.Being tried, legally
  64. 64.Lucy of "Elementary”
  65. 65.Unpaved road surface
  66. 66."Poultry in motion,” e.g.
  67. 67.Pair
  68. 68.Lass
  69. 69.Utilize sparingly
  70. 70.Arena area
  71. 71.Financial backer
  72. 72.Smiles evilly
  73. 73.Gear piece
  74. 74.Detective Briscoe on "Law and Order”
  75. 75.Miss Poppins
  76. 76.Copious, as sweating
  77. 77.Skylit lobbies
  78. 78."Ad — per aspera”
  79. 79.Legal aide, for short
  80. 80.Hoopster — Abdul-Jabbar
  81. 81.Canon camera line
  82. 82.Toddler, in Turin
  83. 83.Port in Norway
  84. 84.See 45-Down
  85. 85.Weird sort
  86. 86.Rejoinder to "Am not!”
  87. 87.Legal aide, e.g.: Abbr.
  88. 88.Sedating Vicks product
  89. 89.Afflictions
  90. 90.Gunpowder or matcha
  91. 91.Insect stages
  92. 92.Cell with an axon
  93. 93.Without requiring me to change
  94. 94.Put down
  95. 95.Gad about
  96. 96.Spa scrubber
  97. 97.Whitewater transports
  98. 98.Equine hybrid
  99. 99.Not far from
  100. 100.Snake type
  101. 101.Committing a basketball infraction
  102. 102.Stat of engine speed
  103. 103.Sickly pale
  104. 104.Notion
  105. 105.Dessert, to a Brit
  106. 106.Company ID
  107. 107.Collect
  108. 108.Baldwin of "It's Complicated”
  109. 109.Ear ailment
  110. 110.Lead-in to Magnon
  111. 111.Ensnares
  112. 112.Cyclotron bit
  113. 113.Asterisk
  114. 114.Be jealous of
  115. 115.Polenta base
  116. 116.Like many big grins
  117. 117.Like LeBron James, a record 18 times
  118. 118.Meeting secretly, in a way
  119. 119."So long!”
  120. 120.Chou En- —
  121. 121.Rx requests
  122. 122.Dutch South African
  123. 123.Language of Rome, to its natives
  124. 124.ICU staffers
  125. 125.French painter Edgar
  126. 126.Actress Caron
  127. 127.Make illegal
  128. 128.Tuscan tourist city
  129. 129.Irritates
  130. 130.Besides that
  131. 131.Ontarians' national anthem, elementally?
  132. 132.Edenic locale
  133. 133.Red cosmetic
  134. 134.— Tin Tin
  135. 135.Surrender
  136. 136.Strayed off course
  137. 137.Wine storage locale
  138. 138."The Thin Man” dog
  139. 139.Injury, to a tot
  140. 140.Brooks

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