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  1. 1.34th prez
  2. 2.Suffix of superlatives
  3. 3.Other, in Oviedo
  4. 4.River mouth features
  5. 5.Break in the action
  6. 6.Actor Mineo
  7. 7.Mata —
  8. 8.Literary finale
  9. 9.Ointment base
  10. 10.Japanese menu item
  11. 11.Occult cards
  12. 12.Downs food
  13. 13.Japanese fencing style
  14. 14.Lectern, e.g.
  15. 15.Detroit-to-Philly dir.
  16. 16."What's —?” (Bugs Bunny's greeting)
  17. 17.Hitter Mel
  18. 18.Golf's Ernie
  19. 19.In the best-case scenario
  20. 20.Pakistani city
  21. 21.Barney Fife portrayer Don
  22. 22.Salami alternative
  23. 23.Former United rival
  24. 24.Stuff in some viral genes
  25. 25.Forecasts
  26. 26.Will Smith's role in "Men in Black”
  27. 27.Celestial ball
  28. 28.L-Q linkup
  29. 29.Fox Sports competitor
  30. 30.Dog with a reddish, wiry coat
  31. 31.Cornea cover
  32. 32.Large spoon
  33. 33.Verb form in "I used to solve puzzles,” e.g.
  34. 34.Christmas party headwear
  35. 35.Story
  36. 36.Wife of Osiris
  37. 37.Smells awful
  38. 38.Burst (with)
  39. 39.Oodles
  40. 40.Japanese menu item
  41. 41.Geronimo's people
  42. 42.Neighbor of Belg.
  43. 43.Receives a salary, say
  44. 44.Gun, as an engine
  45. 45."Fathers and Sons” novelist
  46. 46.Thailand, once
  47. 47.NYC cultural center
  48. 48.Brutus' "Behold!”
  49. 49.33rd prez
  50. 50.Invention of Rorschach
  51. 51.Port city near Buffalo, NY
  52. 52.Unicellular organism
  53. 53.Virtuosos
  54. 54.Thinned out
  55. 55."We're in danger here!”
  56. 56."Wailing” instruments
  57. 57.Ran, as dye
  58. 58.Golf ball prop
  59. 59.Hubbubs
  60. 60.Title for Gandhi
  61. 61."Watermark” singer
  62. 62.San Francisco's — Valley
  63. 63.What's allotted in soccer when a player is hurt
  64. 64.Beginning ltr.
  65. 65.Honoree on Mar. 17
  66. 66.Lucy's Arnaz
  67. 67.Zilch
  68. 68.— fours (teacakes)
  69. 69.Accord, Civic and Pilot
  70. 70.Korean, e.g.
  71. 71.Wrestling pad
  72. 72.From scratch
  73. 73.War deity
  74. 74.State bird of Hawaii
  75. 75.Be victorious in
  76. 76.Boding sign
  77. 77.Thin, supple and graceful
  78. 78.Fall mo.
  79. 79.Low-budget, in adspeak
  80. 80.Good friends
  81. 81.Like tilted type
  82. 82.Sam of Sam's Club
  83. 83.Group of PC experts ... or what this puzzle's 10 theme answers are?
  84. 84.Job opening
  85. 85.Concorde, e.g., in brief
  86. 86.Sibling who looks the same
  87. 87.Lyric poems
  88. 88.Retreat in the clouds
  89. 89.Charred
  90. 90.Vein's cousin
  91. 91.Has- —
  92. 92.How- — (manuals)
  93. 93.Found on a radio dial
  94. 94.Ten: Prefix
  95. 95.Suffering
  96. 96."Little” co-star Rae
  97. 97.Webpage
  98. 98.Beirut's land
  99. 99.Still, at this late date
  100. 100."Peanuts” girl
  101. 101.Position of advantage
  102. 102.Fuel efficiency stat
  103. 103.Hairy sitcom cousin
  104. 104.Lions' locale
  105. 105.Part of Russia's parliament
  106. 106.32nd prez
  107. 107.Love deity
  108. 108.Tpks., e.g.
  109. 109.2003-16 Cowboys quarterback
  110. 110.Grande of pop, to fans
  111. 111.Boston baseballers
  112. 112.Greek vowel
  113. 113.Notion, in Nice
  114. 114.Noted visitor to 60-Down
  115. 115.Like many insensitive jokes
  116. 116.Actor LaBeouf
  117. 117.Screening airport org.
  118. 118.Radio host Glass
  119. 119.Painful podiatric problem
  120. 120.TV's Gomer
  121. 121.Subdued, with "down”
  122. 122.Bohemian lager
  123. 123.Loretta of "M*A*S*H”
  124. 124.Rouse
  125. 125.Sharp-tasting
  126. 126.Aged
  127. 127."Salt” co-star Schreiber
  128. 128.Honorary deg. for a jurist
  129. 129."Good Will Hunting” director Gus Van —
  130. 130.Apropos of
  131. 131.Sell in stores
  132. 132.Volcano in Calif.
  133. 133.House
  134. 134.Potter's oven
  135. 135.Fern leaf
  136. 136.Blue toon
  137. 137.Molar requiring extraction, maybe
  138. 138.Stein drinks
  139. 139.Horse's kin
  140. 140.Pre- — (replace)
  141. 141.Marina del —
  142. 142."Same goes for me”
  143. 143.Signals "OK”
  144. 144."I'm buying”

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