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  1. 1.U.S. soldiers
  2. 2.Vampire Lestat creator
  3. 3.With 55-Down, "My treat”
  4. 4.In a demure way
  5. 5."River” New Age artist
  6. 6.Feature of this puzzle (hint: string together the letters omitted from the starts of 10 long answers)
  7. 7.Singer Ocasek
  8. 8.City in western New York
  9. 9.Big speech
  10. 10.Showed on TV again
  11. 11.Type
  12. 12.Maui wreath
  13. 13.CFO's deg., perhaps
  14. 14."... unless I'm wrong”
  15. 15."Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor Jonathan
  16. 16.— avis
  17. 17.Hi- — picture
  18. 18.Pro-gun gp.
  19. 19."— done it!”
  20. 20.Make flush
  21. 21.Prefix with dermis
  22. 22."Life of Pi” director Lee
  23. 23.Letters after pis
  24. 24.Bow shooter's attention?
  25. 25.Suez, e.g.
  26. 26.Litigant
  27. 27.See 75-Across
  28. 28.Grill residue
  29. 29.Letters after mus
  30. 30.Federer of tennis
  31. 31.Southern Italian city
  32. 32.Make sharp
  33. 33.Suet, e.g.
  34. 34.Sort who doesn't think before speaking?
  35. 35.Turks and — Islands
  36. 36.Digression
  37. 37.Bus. bosses
  38. 38.Vast plain of Argentina
  39. 39.Actor Penn
  40. 40.Settle a score
  41. 41.Crusty treat
  42. 42."— chic!”
  43. 43.Writer Seton
  44. 44.500-sheet paper unit
  45. 45.Onetime Texaco rival
  46. 46.Dissertations
  47. 47.Artist Max
  48. 48.Mil. draft org.
  49. 49.Ear: Prefix
  50. 50.Whittled
  51. 51.Medical operation led by a wizard?
  52. 52.Orderly
  53. 53.One-off, as a committee
  54. 54.152, to Cato
  55. 55.Edition: Abbr.
  56. 56.Relief sounds
  57. 57.Boise-to-Fresno dir.
  58. 58.Dyemaking compound
  59. 59.Tax IDs
  60. 60.Pendant gem
  61. 61.When la lune shines
  62. 62.Roster in a mob film
  63. 63.Elev.
  64. 64.Sign off from a computer
  65. 65.TV show created by Barbara Walters
  66. 66.Banquet dispenser
  67. 67.In a plane, e.g.
  68. 68."— of the North” (1922 documentary)
  69. 69.Priest, at a baptism
  70. 70."So —” ("Very well”)
  71. 71.And the like: Abbr.
  72. 72.Cap'n's underling
  73. 73.Coiffures
  74. 74.Lofty verse
  75. 75.Swift pirate ships
  76. 76.Muscat native who regularly attends Mass?
  77. 77.Hacks off
  78. 78.Matching up, as files
  79. 79.Actor Silver portraying a guy escaping a burning building?
  80. 80.Hosp. trauma pro
  81. 81.Soft and —
  82. 82.City in Texas
  83. 83.Cereal grass
  84. 84.Sad, to Sartre
  85. 85.Steps onto a subway, say
  86. 86."Thelma” novelist Marie
  87. 87.Enclosed bill of fare?
  88. 88.Nov. follower
  89. 89.Gas grill meas.
  90. 90.Easy to carry
  91. 91.Flag holder
  92. 92.Manhole lid, e.g.?
  93. 93.Positions
  94. 94.Polite request starter
  95. 95.Dark bread
  96. 96.Like a cream-colored skeleton?
  97. 97.Decay
  98. 98.Deadlock
  99. 99.Very tall bird
  100. 100.Toon skunk Le Pew
  101. 101.Roadie's load
  102. 102.Speak wildly
  103. 103.— Tzu (dog)
  104. 104.Olive of "Popeye”
  105. 105.60 secs.
  106. 106.Broadcast studio sign
  107. 107."Let me say it again ...”
  108. 108.Harbinger
  109. 109.Rent payer
  110. 110.Winter storm conditions?
  111. 111.Comic Kevin
  112. 112.Mined stuff
  113. 113.Actress Garr
  114. 114."Midnight Cowboy” role
  115. 115.Stays with, as an agenda
  116. 116.Like many '90s albums
  117. 117.Devious
  118. 118.Phone no.
  119. 119.Rams' org.
  120. 120.Vouch for
  121. 121.Remainder
  122. 122.London or Leeds native
  123. 123.— -di-dah
  124. 124.Patella sites
  125. 125.Scottish loch
  126. 126."— So Shy”
  127. 127.Period
  128. 128.Actor Gerard
  129. 129.Preparing to install a steam outlet?
  130. 130.Kismet
  131. 131.Candor
  132. 132.Rob of "The Stand”
  133. 133.Author Rand
  134. 134.Irredeemable
  135. 135.Gymnast Retton
  136. 136.Derivation of a word: Abbr.
  137. 137.Alley- —
  138. 138.NHL's Bobby
  139. 139.Face-off participant
  140. 140."Much — About Nothing” (1996 "Simpsons” episode)
  141. 141.Drivers' licenses, e.g.
  142. 142.Notion, in Nantes
  143. 143.Border
  144. 144.Kia crossover SUV model

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