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  1. 1.Yes, in Dijon
  2. 2.In an amiable way
  3. 3.And the like: Abbr.
  4. 4.Cuts short
  5. 5.Preserved
  6. 6.Pueblo people
  7. 7.Bazillions
  8. 8.Abolished
  9. 9.Blood type, informally
  10. 10.— -Z (total)
  11. 11.Gore and Roker
  12. 12.Most upbeat
  13. 13.Lift up
  14. 14.Ancient Roman poet
  15. 15.In a sullen way
  16. 16.Suffix with 104-Down
  17. 17.Scottish girls
  18. 18.Move, in Realtor-speak
  19. 19."One L” novelist Scott
  20. 20.People in an embrace, e.g.
  21. 21.Brief burst
  22. 22.Cafe offerings
  23. 23.Further down
  24. 24.Nerd on "Family Matters”
  25. 25.— Pet (1980s fad)
  26. 26.Everything considered
  27. 27.Quiet period
  28. 28.Luxury Swiss watch brand
  29. 29.Ducks' and Devils' org.
  30. 30.Suffix with south
  31. 31.Mother bird
  32. 32.— Vegas Raiders
  33. 33.Perfect
  34. 34.Be dressed in
  35. 35.Rolling Stones hit sung by coffee lovers?
  36. 36.Actress Tyler
  37. 37.Mexican wife
  38. 38.Sewer rodent
  39. 39.Galaxy and iPhone buys
  40. 40.Concerning bees
  41. 41.Cash cache, for short
  42. 42."Frozen” heroine
  43. 43."Glory of Love” singer Peter
  44. 44.Lordly home
  45. 45.Before, to Byron
  46. 46.German cry
  47. 47.Related to sight, touch, etc.
  48. 48.Old Turkish bigwigs
  49. 49.Shrill bark
  50. 50.CIA missions, e.g.
  51. 51.Many TikTok users
  52. 52.Altima maker
  53. 53.Turns laryngitic
  54. 54.Penpoint
  55. 55.Bit of a circle
  56. 56.Decide (to)
  57. 57.Podiatric problems
  58. 58.Joking Jay
  59. 59.Implant firmly
  60. 60.Brought into the world
  61. 61.— Martin (British auto)
  62. 62.Painter Dix
  63. 63.Beneficial companion, as a spouse
  64. 64.Hunger may cause them
  65. 65.Suffix with major
  66. 66.Like a perfect world
  67. 67.Scornful look
  68. 68."General Hospital,” for one
  69. 69.Second flagship U.K. TV network
  70. 70.Chose by ballot
  71. 71.Sharif of film
  72. 72.Puts a question to
  73. 73.2004 Chevy debut
  74. 74.Nothing, in France
  75. 75.— accompli
  76. 76.Helical shape
  77. 77.Nitpick
  78. 78."Trading Places” director John
  79. 79.Fast internet svc.
  80. 80.Eye affliction
  81. 81.Enzyme suffix
  82. 82.Beatles hit sung by small finches?
  83. 83.Appearance
  84. 84.Rock's — Speedwagon
  85. 85."Eww, a mouse!”
  86. 86.From above, as a photo
  87. 87.Munch on
  88. 88.Language's letters
  89. 89.Former NFL quarterback Rodney
  90. 90."— careful out there”
  91. 91.Bing Crosby hit sung by a skeleton?
  92. 92.Stitched edge
  93. 93.Alannah Myles hit sung by roofers?
  94. 94.Motel relative
  95. 95.Light pat
  96. 96.Garlicky sauce
  97. 97.Gallery stuff
  98. 98.In a majestic manner
  99. 99.Lyre's cousin
  100. 100.Novelist Mario Vargas —
  101. 101.Forest abode
  102. 102.Overwhelm
  103. 103.Nome's home
  104. 104.Toy with
  105. 105.Spanish article
  106. 106.NBC hit since '75
  107. 107.Sevigny of "Big Love”
  108. 108.Weapon swung by a gaucho
  109. 109.Oasis animal
  110. 110.— Guevara
  111. 111.— la la
  112. 112."Where — begin?”
  113. 113."Dragnet” star Jack
  114. 114.Drive at 10 mph, say
  115. 115.Rotation stat
  116. 116.Brand of power tools
  117. 117.Café au —
  118. 118.Penpoint, e.g.
  119. 119.Connect (to)
  120. 120."The — Curse” (1944 horror film)
  121. 121.John Cougar Mellencamp hit sung by electric eels?
  122. 122.Marcels hit sung by members of an old German kingdom?
  123. 123.Arid areas
  124. 124.Cuban leader Castro
  125. 125.Prince hit sung by kings and queens?
  126. 126.ETs' ships
  127. 127.Ripe for the market
  128. 128.Syrup base
  129. 129.Maui garland
  130. 130."Perry Mason” star Burr
  131. 131.Old JFK flier
  132. 132.Pre-euro Spanish currency
  133. 133.It may be balsamic
  134. 134.Viper types
  135. 135.R.E.M. frontman Michael
  136. 136.Artifact
  137. 137.Part of NNW
  138. 138.Stone patio
  139. 139.Mo. #4
  140. 140.— Tzu (toy dog)
  141. 141.Overhasty
  142. 142.Icy precipitation

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