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  1. 1.Passing vote
  2. 2.911 gp.
  3. 3.Music genre for TLC
  4. 4.Dog collar attachments
  5. 5.Film director Craven
  6. 6.Take to court
  7. 7.Solo
  8. 8.Sturdy tree
  9. 9.Streaming set-top box
  10. 10.Kentucky Derby venue
  11. 11.Punctual
  12. 12.Atom studier Bohr
  13. 13.Director Kazan
  14. 14.Eye narrowly
  15. 15.Divs. of days
  16. 16.Sheriff Taylor's tyke
  17. 17.Mel the Giant
  18. 18.Dutch beer
  19. 19.Ticked (off)
  20. 20.Mary Lou of gymnastics
  21. 21.Barcelona's land, to natives
  22. 22.Inc., abroad
  23. 23.Egg-hiding holidays
  24. 24.Courteous
  25. 25.Plan a new route for
  26. 26.Azaleas are members of it
  27. 27.Post-teen
  28. 28.Muscle jerk
  29. 29.Walloped
  30. 30."Nae” sayer
  31. 31.She sang the hit "Hello”
  32. 32.Person giving out prizes
  33. 33.Grads' event
  34. 34.This second
  35. 35.Poetic "always”
  36. 36.Operated
  37. 37.Pack firmly
  38. 38.— Mahal
  39. 39.Brain protector
  40. 40.Early tourney round
  41. 41.Riddle
  42. 42.Architect I.M. —
  43. 43.Suburb of Minneapolis
  44. 44.Taken with
  45. 45.Bordeaux wine
  46. 46.Lhasa — (little dogs)
  47. 47.Smells
  48. 48.With 22-Across, film "nightmare” locale
  49. 49.Cowboy's whoop
  50. 50.Born
  51. 51.Shark feature
  52. 52.Get there
  53. 53."Orange — New Black”
  54. 54.Target of antiperspirant
  55. 55.Over yonder
  56. 56.Avant- —
  57. 57.Baby hooters
  58. 58.Flowering
  59. 59.On — with (similar to)
  60. 60.Common weed of North America
  61. 61.1974 dog film
  62. 62.Free TV ad, for short
  63. 63.Refrigerator, stove or dryer
  64. 64.Cry upon getting there
  65. 65.Last letter
  66. 66.Common allergy trigger
  67. 67."— out!” (ump's call)
  68. 68.As many as
  69. 69.Susan of "Spring Fever”
  70. 70.Chachi's last name on "Happy Days”
  71. 71.Ends of bridal paths
  72. 72.Little peeve
  73. 73.Jug handle
  74. 74.Mosque officiant
  75. 75.Slimy gunk
  76. 76.Viral misery
  77. 77."Little Women” author
  78. 78.Sominex or Unisom rival
  79. 79.Leb. neighbor
  80. 80.Plus others: Abbr.
  81. 81.Choir songs
  82. 82.Lyric verse
  83. 83.Mess-free
  84. 84.Jokester
  85. 85.— the line (obeyed)
  86. 86.Spring back
  87. 87.One suffering for a belief
  88. 88.Bud
  89. 89.Give a right to
  90. 90.U.S. Navy noncom
  91. 91.Gridiron stats
  92. 92.Midleg joints
  93. 93.Cushy class
  94. 94.Not quite
  95. 95.Squeaks (out)
  96. 96.More citrusy, say
  97. 97.Foliage bit
  98. 98.Red Muppet
  99. 99.Eight of their last names are featured in this puzzle
  100. 100.Fictional Scarlett
  101. 101.Legendary figure in a 1999 horror film
  102. 102.Yule songs
  103. 103.In flames
  104. 104.Cleaning tool in a bucket
  105. 105.Equal: Prefix
  106. 106.— Stanley Gardner
  107. 107.Safin who won tennis' 2000 U.S. Open
  108. 108.Strep-treating doc
  109. 109.Mega Stuf cookies
  110. 110.Red Sea canal
  111. 111.June bugs, by another name
  112. 112."Two Guys and —”
  113. 113.Secret store
  114. 114.Exhales wistfully
  115. 115.Teachers' gp.
  116. 116.New Mexico's state flower
  117. 117.— pot (sinus cleaner)
  118. 118.TV announcer Don
  119. 119.Ending for alp or salt
  120. 120.Hive house
  121. 121.Thoughts
  122. 122.Minimal
  123. 123.Designer Gucci
  124. 124.Mandate
  125. 125.Vain person's lack
  126. 126.Small dress size
  127. 127.Big name in dog food
  128. 128.Universal donor blood type, in brief
  129. 129.Artificial silk
  130. 130.Drink inserts
  131. 131.Warship fleet
  132. 132.Joined (up)
  133. 133.16 Olympics site
  134. 134.Condiment spicier than its yellow cousin
  135. 135."Death Be Not Proud” poet
  136. 136.Big lamb cut
  137. 137.Nintendo console
  138. 138.Mao — -tung
  139. 139.See 1-Down
  140. 140.Hog hangout
  141. 141.Pa's pa
  142. 142.Shaft of light
  143. 143.Soft throws
  144. 144.Wanness

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