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  1. 1.Brand of sneakers
  2. 2.Viral gene material
  3. 3.Sir Andrew — Webber
  4. 4.Biblical figure slain for being a 69-Across
  5. 5.Detached roughly
  6. 6.Transporting trucks
  7. 7.Soccer Hall of Famer Hamm
  8. 8.Person not telling the truth
  9. 9.Apply with a bristly tool
  10. 10.Former
  11. 11.Baggage inspection org.
  12. 12."Hello, sailor!”
  13. 13.Particle in quantum mechanics
  14. 14.— chili (pepper variety)
  15. 15.Riddle, part 4
  16. 16.Level of command
  17. 17.Unsettled feeling
  18. 18."Jolly old” saint
  19. 19.French river
  20. 20.Reading digitally
  21. 21.Bristly swine
  22. 22.Hurt badly
  23. 23.Master pilot
  24. 24.Corp. honcho
  25. 25.Old sitcom cousin
  26. 26.With 15-Down, no higher than
  27. 27.18th-century English king
  28. 28.Awful event
  29. 29.Clear as —
  30. 30.Big antelope
  31. 31.Major train terminals
  32. 32."Some Like —”
  33. 33.Country east of Fiji
  34. 34.Blemish
  35. 35.Hurry-scurry
  36. 36.Political columnist Molly
  37. 37.Starting charge, as on a utility bill
  38. 38.Greek herald of the gods
  39. 39.Glove thread
  40. 40.Soccer Hall of Famer Lalas
  41. 41.Noise from a beehive
  42. 42.Novelist Zora — Hurston
  43. 43."Why Can't I?” singer Liz
  44. 44.Barak of Israel
  45. 45.Riddle, part 5
  46. 46.Crimean resort port
  47. 47.Sneaky
  48. 48.Put new turf on
  49. 49.Breathed-in stuff
  50. 50.Above
  51. 51.Throw slowly in a high arc
  52. 52.Deaf school co-founder Laurent
  53. 53.The Windy City, for short
  54. 54.Jargon
  55. 55."Start playing the song!”
  56. 56.TV "dog whisperer” Millan
  57. 57.Linen fabric
  58. 58.First prime minister of India
  59. 59.Completely destroy
  60. 60.Detest
  61. 61.Take part in a parade
  62. 62.Like some permed hair
  63. 63.Big vase
  64. 64.Dangerous snakes
  65. 65.Salad bar utensil
  66. 66.U.S.-Can.-Mex. treaty
  67. 67.Silvery metallic element
  68. 68.Irk
  69. 69.G.P.'s gp.
  70. 70.Accumulate, as debts
  71. 71.David Mamet play or film
  72. 72.Marks, as a ballot box
  73. 73.Liam of "Schindler's List”
  74. 74.Luau paste
  75. 75.Dark blue dye
  76. 76.32 Beethoven piano pieces
  77. 77.58, to Nero
  78. 78.Lively spirit
  79. 79.See 27-Across
  80. 80.Academic URL ender
  81. 81.Having a big smile
  82. 82.Hush-hush intel org.
  83. 83.Riddle, part 2
  84. 84."— not to be”
  85. 85.18th-century powdered hairpiece
  86. 86.Always, to bards
  87. 87.Initial input to be processed
  88. 88.Opening in some helmets
  89. 89.Skating feats
  90. 90.Have it wrong
  91. 91.Intention
  92. 92.Position while batting
  93. 93.Rowlands of "Hope Floats”
  94. 94.Enters warily
  95. 95.Cash, informally
  96. 96.Geisha's sash
  97. 97.Gave hints to
  98. 98.Protects
  99. 99."Wahoo!”
  100. 100.Prized mushroom
  101. 101.Perilous thing to live on
  102. 102.Have
  103. 103.Riddle's answer
  104. 104.Start of a riddle
  105. 105."Hey Deanie” singer Cassidy
  106. 106.CD- — (PC inserts)
  107. 107.Up one's auction offer
  108. 108.Kind of yoga
  109. 109.Knitters' supplies
  110. 110.Mafia's code of silence
  111. 111.Catch a glimpse of
  112. 112.Flaring dress
  113. 113.Cola-cooling cubes
  114. 114.Body blinker
  115. 115.Tylenol targets
  116. 116.Pro vote
  117. 117.Revises
  118. 118.Riddle, part 3
  119. 119."Bali —” (show tune)
  120. 120.Fury
  121. 121."Reckless” actor Quinn
  122. 122.Actress Bertinelli
  123. 123.Via
  124. 124.— Mae (loan provider)
  125. 125.Met, as the challenge
  126. 126.Gripper on a shoe bottom
  127. 127.Knot anew
  128. 128.Choir parts
  129. 129.Moseying
  130. 130.Dangerous snake
  131. 131."Well, — you special!”
  132. 132.Antares or Arcturus
  133. 133.Philosopher — -tzu
  134. 134.Above, to bards
  135. 135.Singer Murray
  136. 136.End of the riddle

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