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  1. 1.Some Alaska natives
  2. 2.A fifth of XV
  3. 3.El — (city of legend)
  4. 4.School gp.
  5. 5.Pale gray
  6. 6.Bobby on ice
  7. 7.Grammy-winning Beck album of 1996
  8. 8.Rugs between casino high rollers?
  9. 9.Inn offerings
  10. 10.Texas city
  11. 11.Common co. name ender
  12. 12.Julia Child or James Beard
  13. 13.Pointer
  14. 14.Moving about
  15. 15.Road trip between apparitions?
  16. 16.Maui wreath
  17. 17.Cher and Adele, voicewise
  18. 18.Photo —
  19. 19.Tara of "Sharknado”
  20. 20.Orange juice stuff
  21. 21.Ballet garb
  22. 22.Get back together, as alumni
  23. 23."I smell —!”
  24. 24.Heavy brass
  25. 25.Soothing treatment, for short
  26. 26.Gal in the family
  27. 27.Chi lead-in
  28. 28.Playwright Levin
  29. 29.1982 Disney sci-fi film
  30. 30.Come- — (lures)
  31. 31.Choose as a member
  32. 32.Sine and cosine, say
  33. 33.In the military
  34. 34.Love a lot
  35. 35.Lion player Bert
  36. 36.Store proprietor
  37. 37.Guy peddling between clodhoppers?
  38. 38.Diarist Anaïs
  39. 39.Spanish region
  40. 40."The Wire” channel
  41. 41.Little-seen instance
  42. 42.Pistons great Thomas
  43. 43.Attack like a cur
  44. 44."Striped” fish
  45. 45.Multipurpose truck, in brief
  46. 46.Wiggling fish
  47. 47.Draconian
  48. 48.Summer mo.
  49. 49.Spurred (on)
  50. 50.Strong pain reliever
  51. 51.New York stage awards
  52. 52.Ebb-and-flow phenomena
  53. 53.Potting dirt
  54. 54.Otis of elevator fame
  55. 55.Vicinity
  56. 56.Songlike
  57. 57.Phone conversation between ministers?
  58. 58.Vague idea
  59. 59.Eminent lead-in
  60. 60.Non-Rx
  61. 61.In the least
  62. 62.Reveled
  63. 63.Fidgets
  64. 64.In first place
  65. 65.Above, in verse
  66. 66.Tortilla treat
  67. 67."The — falling!”
  68. 68.Makes mad
  69. 69.Repeating polka sound
  70. 70.Old fed. led by Nasser
  71. 71.African river
  72. 72.Ax part
  73. 73.With 72-Down, it flows to the Gulf of Mexico
  74. 74.Otis on "The Andy Griffith Show,” e.g.
  75. 75.Caesar of TV
  76. 76.Eminent
  77. 77.Raise
  78. 78.Market segment
  79. 79.This, to Jorge
  80. 80.Brief romances between Copenhagen residents?
  81. 81.Nasal partitions
  82. 82.Myopic cartoon "Mr.”
  83. 83.LAX guess
  84. 84.Worrywart's cry
  85. 85.License plate
  86. 86.Lewd look
  87. 87.Lick like a cat
  88. 88.Back part
  89. 89.String of vehicles between gas station patrons?
  90. 90.Depilatory treatment
  91. 91.Golf standard
  92. 92.Drought relief
  93. 93.One in a pod
  94. 94.Angle lead-in
  95. 95.Antagonist
  96. 96.Genetic stuff
  97. 97.Siesta takers
  98. 98.— -Locka, Florida
  99. 99.Korean, e.g.
  100. 100.Vitamin's relative
  101. 101.Sahara viper
  102. 102."Believe — not!”
  103. 103.Cop's vehicle
  104. 104.Hooter
  105. 105.Actor Butterfield of "Ender's Game”
  106. 106.Fish with a heavy net
  107. 107.Organic compound
  108. 108.Outer: Prefix
  109. 109."The Chronic” rapper
  110. 110.Hence
  111. 111.Trick-or-treating mo.
  112. 112.Barley beard
  113. 113.Perfected
  114. 114.Enzyme suffix
  115. 115.Regular at the Met, maybe
  116. 116.Many millennia
  117. 117.Architect I.M.
  118. 118.Conga line between Arab leaders?
  119. 119.Frequently, in verse
  120. 120.Exhausted
  121. 121.One-named co-star of "Crime Without Passion”
  122. 122."Hey ... you”
  123. 123.Buy for less
  124. 124.Little Bighorn tribe
  125. 125.See 9-Down
  126. 126.French noble
  127. 127."Pick me! I know this!”
  128. 128.Maine city near Bangor
  129. 129.Twanging spring sound
  130. 130.Cur's noise
  131. 131.Gin joint
  132. 132.Unrefined
  133. 133.Hershey chocolate bar with crisped rice
  134. 134.Went by taxi, e.g.
  135. 135.Talk like Daffy Duck
  136. 136.Dernier —
  137. 137.Nuts are high in it
  138. 138.Exhausted
  139. 139.Pop or bop
  140. 140.Very fuel-inefficient wheels
  141. 141.Darling
  142. 142.Piper's skirt
  143. 143.Publicize
  144. 144.Deep blue

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