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  1. 1.Old fast jet, for short
  2. 2.Tally
  3. 3.Be too thrifty
  4. 4.Lick like a cat
  5. 5.End of the riddle
  6. 6.Rips into
  7. 7.Pre-Soviet rulers
  8. 8.Ice cream alternatives
  9. 9.Asian "way”
  10. 10."Preach it!”
  11. 11.Guided
  12. 12.Ward for preemies
  13. 13.Gives the means
  14. 14.Succinct
  15. 15.Prefix with byte or ton
  16. 16.Where aid is urgently required
  17. 17."Year One” director Harold
  18. 18.Money for the senior yrs.
  19. 19.Rock guitarist Barrett
  20. 20.Not crying
  21. 21.Resign from
  22. 22.Tiered temples
  23. 23.Bother a lot
  24. 24.Deteriorate
  25. 25.Aroma detector
  26. 26.Bridal bio word
  27. 27.Lifelong pal, informally
  28. 28.Math game with matchsticks
  29. 29.Eye, to poets
  30. 30.Ablaze
  31. 31.Riddle's answer
  32. 32.Took the gold
  33. 33.Otherwise
  34. 34.Take to the road
  35. 35.Non-earthlings, for short
  36. 36.High coif
  37. 37.Golf legend Palmer
  38. 38.Swiss — (beet variety)
  39. 39.Gridiron gp.
  40. 40.Inaccurate
  41. 41.Elliott of the New England Patriots
  42. 42.Eds. mark them up
  43. 43.Letters after els
  44. 44.Riddle, part 3
  45. 45.Deteriorate
  46. 46.Incendiary felonies
  47. 47.Churlish sort
  48. 48.Witty remark
  49. 49."— is an Englishman” ("H.M.S. Pinafore” lyric)
  50. 50.Hue
  51. 51.Brand of PCs and tablets
  52. 52.USN VIP
  53. 53.Exam for an atty.-to-be
  54. 54.Actresses Jillian and Blyth
  55. 55.Riddle, part 4
  56. 56.Rodent-built channel blockers
  57. 57.Camel cousin
  58. 58.Is given the chance to chime in
  59. 59.Lose color
  60. 60.Omitted, as a syllable
  61. 61.Region
  62. 62.Protested unpeacefully
  63. 63.User's guide
  64. 64.Skull parts
  65. 65.Prolonged attack
  66. 66.Coup d'— (rebellion)
  67. 67.Worker purifying petroleum
  68. 68.Forest growth
  69. 69.Spaghetti — bolognese
  70. 70.Miles away
  71. 71.Part of ROY G. BIV
  72. 72.Sneeze catcher
  73. 73.Pen tips
  74. 74."Three's Company” co-star Suzanne
  75. 75."Sleeper” co-star Diane
  76. 76.Redeemers
  77. 77.Decimal base
  78. 78."— dabba doo!”
  79. 79.Riddle, part 5
  80. 80.Just slightly
  81. 81.Org. on a toothpaste box
  82. 82.While not physically attending
  83. 83.Gun, in slang
  84. 84.Pale tan
  85. 85.Start of a riddle
  86. 86.Luau hellos
  87. 87.Currency of Latvia
  88. 88.Hearth waste
  89. 89.Sprinted faster than
  90. 90.Man-goat of myth
  91. 91.Stain-fighting toothpaste, e.g.
  92. 92.Avian mimics
  93. 93.Tiny hairlike structures
  94. 94."I'm — loss”
  95. 95.Casual shirt
  96. 96.Pinnacles
  97. 97.Maui garland
  98. 98.Poker stake
  99. 99.Huskies, e.g.
  100. 100.Neighbor of Georgia
  101. 101."— longa, vita brevis”
  102. 102.Furniture wood option
  103. 103.Picnic pest
  104. 104.— Lama
  105. 105.Prefix with term or week
  106. 106.Sailing
  107. 107.Permit to
  108. 108.80s sitcom
  109. 109.Hotelier Helmsley
  110. 110."Mayday!”
  111. 111.Anna of fashion
  112. 112.Kind of 35mm camera
  113. 113.Most frequently
  114. 114.Expand on
  115. 115.Difficult task
  116. 116.Pinnacles
  117. 117.Joan — (French saint)
  118. 118.Roadwork goo
  119. 119.Warship with three banks of rowers
  120. 120.Riddle, part 2
  121. 121.Vietnamese New Year
  122. 122.Je ne — quoi
  123. 123."Vexations” composer Erik
  124. 124.Tasks
  125. 125."DMZ” actor Benjamin
  126. 126.Darth Vader, as a boy
  127. 127.Bowl-shaped frying pan
  128. 128.Used a scull
  129. 129.Nest fillers
  130. 130.Gp. checking baggage
  131. 131.Celtic language
  132. 132.Worker welfare org.
  133. 133.Zapped with a stunning weapon
  134. 134.Dot of land in the ocean
  135. 135.Breath-holding reef explorers, e.g.
  136. 136.Comics cry
  137. 137.Goat cheese
  138. 138.Jacob's twin, in the Bible
  139. 139.A stage past embryonic
  140. 140."You, over there ...”
  141. 141."Phantom Lady” co-star
  142. 142.Aversion

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