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  1. 1.Lyric poem
  2. 2.Speller's clarification
  3. 3.Fast plane
  4. 4.Conclusion
  5. 5.Picnic pests
  6. 6.Star of many silent Westerns creating an ensemble?
  7. 7.Crucial artery
  8. 8."Oliver!” Oscar nominee being zany?
  9. 9.Weizman of Israel
  10. 10.Playing (with)
  11. 11.God, in Turin
  12. 12.Burn a bit
  13. 13.Head, in Pau
  14. 14.Visa rival, for short
  15. 15.Ghana's capital
  16. 16.Vast chasm
  17. 17.Beginning
  18. 18.Arm muscle, informally
  19. 19.NYC rep starting in '19
  20. 20.Count up
  21. 21.Razor brand
  22. 22."Hud” actress Patricia
  23. 23.Network on the telly, with "the”
  24. 24.— Hess (former oil giant)
  25. 25.Not smart
  26. 26.Popular food seasoning brand
  27. 27.Kin of "equi-”
  28. 28.English biscuits
  29. 29.Guys staffing military flights
  30. 30.G-man, e.g.
  31. 31.Tax-deferred svgs. plans
  32. 32.Boot parts
  33. 33.Change habitats
  34. 34.Time soon to come
  35. 35."Mame” star weighing people down?
  36. 36.Analyze
  37. 37.Blossom
  38. 38.Paw bottoms
  39. 39.Pungent
  40. 40."ER” co-star Anthony
  41. 41.Play award
  42. 42.Exercise goal
  43. 43.List of players, in sports
  44. 44."Seven Year Ache” singer buying goods at wholesale?
  45. 45.It's opposite NNW
  46. 46."I believe,” to texters
  47. 47.Go — ride
  48. 48.China's Mao — -tung
  49. 49.Oxide, e.g.
  50. 50.The way things are now
  51. 51.In position
  52. 52.Suffix with 110-Across
  53. 53.In view
  54. 54.One-on-one instructor
  55. 55.Wife of Zeus
  56. 56.Welcome
  57. 57.Net pop-ups, e.g.
  58. 58.Frequent USO show performer wishing earnestly?
  59. 59.Interrupt dancers, say
  60. 60."Inc.” relative
  61. 61.Soft rock?
  62. 62.2007 documentary about the U.S. health care system
  63. 63."La Brea” network
  64. 64.Alternatives to coffees
  65. 65.In a very cold manner
  66. 66.Classic auto
  67. 67.Huck Finn, for one
  68. 68.Cute, cutesily
  69. 69.In the style of
  70. 70."Ransom” actor Gary
  71. 71."Secret Love” singer having two opposing personalities?
  72. 72.Butterfly food
  73. 73.Went across
  74. 74.Writer — Stanley Gardner
  75. 75.Novice
  76. 76.— Diego
  77. 77.Perk up
  78. 78.Williams of tennis
  79. 79.Pare down
  80. 80.Soothes
  81. 81.Biol. or geol.
  82. 82.Slugging stat
  83. 83.Telly
  84. 84.Rock — (Brazilian music festival)
  85. 85.Designer Versace
  86. 86."That's —!” ("Untrue!”)
  87. 87.Huck Finn, for one
  88. 88.Wall Street deg., often
  89. 89.Jazz singer Carmen
  90. 90.Height: Abbr.
  91. 91.Cornrow, e.g.
  92. 92.Inflated head
  93. 93.Some Miller beers
  94. 94.Words on a help desk
  95. 95.Watch brand
  96. 96.Bun-topping seeds
  97. 97.Motionless
  98. 98.Silent "yes”
  99. 99."Rescue us!”
  100. 100.Brigitte of "Contempt”
  101. 101.Suspension bridge part
  102. 102.Turin locale
  103. 103.Mystery awards
  104. 104."The Time Machine” race
  105. 105.Stew morsels
  106. 106."— -ching!”
  107. 107."Sleuth” co-star portraying a policeman?
  108. 108."Let —” ("Frozen” song)
  109. 109.Has too much, briefly
  110. 110.It shows a pupil's grades
  111. 111.— kwon do
  112. 112.Actress Quinn
  113. 113.Other, in Spain
  114. 114.Iniquitous
  115. 115.Luau gift
  116. 116.Fetus' home
  117. 117.Swings about, as one's arms
  118. 118.Overseas
  119. 119."Aquaman” star Jason
  120. 120.Got narrower
  121. 121.Positive pole
  122. 122.Stimpy's pal
  123. 123.Poet Ogden
  124. 124."Uptown Girl” singer Billy
  125. 125.Raw rock
  126. 126.Coach Parseghian
  127. 127.Female deer
  128. 128.Archaic verb suffix
  129. 129.Pick-up-sticks math game
  130. 130."Nuts!”
  131. 131.Distinctive times
  132. 132.Pick out
  133. 133.Robert of "The Sopranos”
  134. 134.Prez called "Ike”
  135. 135.Scottish language
  136. 136.Suffix with alp
  137. 137.Mennonite sect
  138. 138.Performs like LL Cool J
  139. 139."— boy!”
  140. 140.Cineplex — (old theater)
  141. 141.Print quality stat
  142. 142.Iron or tin

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