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  1. 1.The Mets' — Field
  2. 2.— Tin Tin
  3. 3.Theta lead-in
  4. 4.Extra things seen eight times in this puzzle?
  5. 5.Iris ring
  6. 6.Busy bug
  7. 7.Dancer Agnes de —
  8. 8.Chinese chairman
  9. 9.Western U.S. gas chain
  10. 10.Roll call response, in Paris
  11. 11.With 67-Down, mistakes
  12. 12.German car company
  13. 13."Scandal” creator Rhimes
  14. 14.Humiliates
  15. 15.Include as a bonus
  16. 16.401(k) kin
  17. 17.E-device download
  18. 18.Lay down as fact
  19. 19.Hands, in Havana
  20. 20.They stagnate during recessions
  21. 21.Smug type
  22. 22.Newswoman Roberts
  23. 23.Part of DJ
  24. 24.Emphatic affirmation
  25. 25.Pro trained in trauma
  26. 26.Suffix of pasta names
  27. 27.Water, in Paris
  28. 28.The stress of being a trailblazer?
  29. 29.Its capital is Khartoum
  30. 30.In-house
  31. 31.Resolved, as difficulties
  32. 32.Faint
  33. 33.Meal scrap
  34. 34."Fighting” Big Ten team
  35. 35.Suffix with trick or mock
  36. 36.Setting a weekly limit on Mastercard purchases?
  37. 37.Ham it up
  38. 38.El — Real (road in California)
  39. 39.Within: Prefix
  40. 40.In re
  41. 41.Pub. staffers
  42. 42.As a whole
  43. 43.Contributed one's share
  44. 44.Began, as a hobby
  45. 45."Well, I'll be!”
  46. 46.Gland near the kidneys
  47. 47.Hwy. felony
  48. 48.Singer Eydie
  49. 49.— -cone
  50. 50."You betcha”
  51. 51.Hosp. areas
  52. 52.Tarzan, e.g.
  53. 53.One- — (short play)
  54. 54.Actor Oliver
  55. 55.Parcel (out)
  56. 56.Visiting a website, e.g.
  57. 57.Towing gp.
  58. 58."I'd like to help”
  59. 59.Singer Cooke
  60. 60."This requires a lot of effort”
  61. 61.— and Chandon (Champagne)
  62. 62.Abode: Abbr.
  63. 63.Burkina —
  64. 64.Wd. in a thesaurus
  65. 65.— Carlo
  66. 66.Male horse that's the subject of a novel?
  67. 67.Border crossing documents
  68. 68.Ethyl ending
  69. 69.Egyptian — (cat breed)
  70. 70.Fawned over
  71. 71.British actress Diana
  72. 72.Weird
  73. 73.Homer epic
  74. 74.Boat paddle
  75. 75.Radar on an old sitcom
  76. 76.Heap
  77. 77.Stratagem
  78. 78.Pulls on
  79. 79.Be physically intimate
  80. 80.Cousins of anises
  81. 81.Bug planter
  82. 82.Government of a nation by its own people
  83. 83.Lobs' paths
  84. 84.Half- — latte
  85. 85.Feels lousy
  86. 86.James Bond's creator, if he had lived on the island of Ithaca?
  87. 87.Old Glory's nation
  88. 88.Statement after a female jungle cat gains a lot of weight?
  89. 89.Fawn over, with "on”
  90. 90.Let leave
  91. 91.Hawaiian goose
  92. 92.Siouan tribe
  93. 93.Nickel, e.g.
  94. 94.Opposed to, in Westerns
  95. 95.75 TV debut
  96. 96.Angry rebukes
  97. 97.2000-15 CBS drama
  98. 98.Attending to
  99. 99.Cyber-trash
  100. 100.Faux —
  101. 101.401, to Nero
  102. 102.Lace up, e.g.
  103. 103.Amazon, e.g.
  104. 104.Hurls
  105. 105."The Living Daylights” actress Maryam
  106. 106.Simile middle
  107. 107.Blvd., e.g.
  108. 108.At the post one formerly held?
  109. 109.RandB singer with the hit "4Ever”
  110. 110.Pulitzer-winning biographer Leon
  111. 111.Zooms
  112. 112.Scan, as data
  113. 113.Former New York stadium
  114. 114.Seoul soldier
  115. 115.Persia, now
  116. 116.Major forgetfulness
  117. 117.Loud insect
  118. 118.Foot bottom
  119. 119.Actor Joe
  120. 120.Egg on
  121. 121.Sunshine St.
  122. 122.and so forth
  123. 123."Eureka!”
  124. 124.Qty.
  125. 125."You're the Top” composer dishing out servings of food?
  126. 126.Short sleeps
  127. 127.Third letter
  128. 128.Squid ink, for example?
  129. 129.— Way (old Roman road)
  130. 130.In a little bit
  131. 131.Deli meat often on rye
  132. 132."Sorta” suffix
  133. 133.See 63-Down
  134. 134.Current unit
  135. 135.Blue-eyed cat
  136. 136.British beer
  137. 137.Internet investing site
  138. 138.— -mo
  139. 139."Let's shake hands!”
  140. 140.Bargain offered by a prosecutor

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