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  1. 1.Adult fellows
  2. 2.Doesn't go on
  3. 3.Meal crumb
  4. 4.Heady drink
  5. 5.Lay turf on
  6. 6.Sports shoe brand
  7. 7.What the starts of the longest answers in this puzzle are?
  8. 8.Failing tic-tac-toe row
  9. 9.Seance state
  10. 10.Oedipus-themed Aeschylus play
  11. 11.Body design, for short
  12. 12.Escargot
  13. 13.Virginia and Georgia were part of them
  14. 14.Lookout view
  15. 15.Shoes and boots
  16. 16.Detective Wolfe
  17. 17.Feudal lord
  18. 18.Grande opening?
  19. 19.Witty Bombeck
  20. 20.Univ. dorm overseers
  21. 21.Dangerous current
  22. 22.Hearth refuse
  23. 23.Aquarium bed material
  24. 24.Roomy auto
  25. 25.Cruel Amin
  26. 26.Fake
  27. 27.Guesses on costs: Abbr.
  28. 28.60 minutes
  29. 29.From days of yore
  30. 30.Look intently
  31. 31.Drive away
  32. 32.Figure skater Yamaguchi
  33. 33."... — quit!” (threat ender)
  34. 34.Not qualified
  35. 35.Ancient French region
  36. 36.K thru 12
  37. 37.Alluring West
  38. 38.Big fad
  39. 39.Brand for sore eyes
  40. 40.Hearst bimonthly with beauty and dating tips
  41. 41.Actress Laura
  42. 42.Some RNs work in them
  43. 43.15th of the month, maybe
  44. 44.Disney sci-fi film of 1982
  45. 45.16th-century Spanish explorer
  46. 46.Supply- — (certain economist)
  47. 47.Seniors' org.
  48. 48.Writer — Boothe Luce
  49. 49.Raw metal
  50. 50."Tickle Me” dolls
  51. 51.Log house
  52. 52.Narrow valley
  53. 53.Shakespeare play ending
  54. 54.Financial: Abbr.
  55. 55.Heredity unit
  56. 56.Back muscle, for short
  57. 57.Rose petal oil
  58. 58."Eww, no more!,” in a text message
  59. 59.Raised trains
  60. 60.Prefix with byte
  61. 61.Red-ink entry
  62. 62.Drew forth
  63. 63.Sculling item
  64. 64.Inspired stuff
  65. 65.Herr's "one”
  66. 66."Someone's already claimed that seat”
  67. 67.Homer with nobody on
  68. 68.Rah-rah
  69. 69.Romero of "Batman”
  70. 70.Witches in "Macbeth”
  71. 71.Moving truck
  72. 72.Overbrim
  73. 73.One making modifications
  74. 74.Lofty peak
  75. 75."In case that's true ...”
  76. 76.A-E linkup
  77. 77.Transmission repair chain
  78. 78.Moving
  79. 79.Pried (around)
  80. 80.Kathmandu's nation
  81. 81.Arabic for "son of”
  82. 82.Thyroid, e.g.
  83. 83.Be averse to
  84. 84.Age-verifying docs.
  85. 85.Don Juan's mother
  86. 86.Listerine competitor
  87. 87.20-ounce Starbucks drink
  88. 88.Score speed
  89. 89.Fabled snow beast
  90. 90.Novelist Zola
  91. 91.People painting, e.g.
  92. 92.Muhammad of the ring
  93. 93.Allow to
  94. 94.Solar beam
  95. 95.Luggage screeners' org.
  96. 96.Menial worker
  97. 97.Low-value red card
  98. 98.The "P” of AP
  99. 99."Jack Sprat could — fat”
  100. 100.Blazing
  101. 101.Feeling blue
  102. 102.Former U.K. record co.
  103. 103.Earth science subj.
  104. 104.Eve's partner
  105. 105.Pet allergy source
  106. 106.Doc using an otoscope
  107. 107.Casa brick
  108. 108.Make ecstatic
  109. 109.Most snug
  110. 110.Not worth debating
  111. 111.Wind quintet instrument
  112. 112.Camille Saint- —
  113. 113.Tricky pitch
  114. 114.Red-ink entry
  115. 115.Title for Judi Dench
  116. 116.— facto
  117. 117.University sports org.
  118. 118.Bullring shout
  119. 119.Dogs closely following their owners
  120. 120.T. — Price
  121. 121.Toddler girl, to Scots
  122. 122."One Day at —” (sitcom)
  123. 123.1992 Tony nominee for Best Musical
  124. 124.Mark Twain's Thatcher
  125. 125.Instrument players gifted in a Christmas song
  126. 126.Tennis, volleyball and badminton
  127. 127.Upper layers of fertile earth
  128. 128.Compositions of a classical tradition
  129. 129.Surrenders
  130. 130.Wife, to Juan
  131. 131.Suffix with Midwest
  132. 132.Electees, e.g.
  133. 133.Hanks of "Big”
  134. 134.Proton holder
  135. 135.Straightens up
  136. 136.Grows fond of
  137. 137.Apple choice
  138. 138.Grand opening?
  139. 139.Docs' gp.
  140. 140.Otherwise
  141. 141.Helper
  142. 142.Place for grist

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